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  1. Sequential Arts/Comics Programs, Lots of Questions!
  2. Having trouble deciding correct pathway for university course.
  3. Opinions/Experiences for California College of Art (CCA) Animation Program?
  4. What to look for in an art school?
  5. What do you suppose they mean by this?
  6. SCAD Hong Kong?
  7. 'Perceptual shifts' during art education
  8. Illustration and similar Schools in Canada?
  9. SVA or CCA's Illustration
  10. AAU?
  11. Best school/course to choose in Europe beeing a concept artist as a goal.
  12. SCAD People: Question about personal statement!
  13. Life Drawing Classes in Sydney, Australia?
  14. Gnomon School of VFX 3d program
  15. Other states
  16. how important is all 3-4* years at an art school?
  17. Colleges for Arts: What exactly should I look for?
  18. Dreams Crushed
  19. Please delete hread
  20. I need help!
  21. Art School Questions
  22. Animation MFA- MCAD Vs. Calarts
  23. Fine Art at Parsons or SVA?
  24. Opinions on the Visual Literacy Program
  25. UK Foundation Diploma/Degree Portfolio
  26. Couple Questions
  27. Academy of Art
  28. Algonquin college...ANY GOOD?????
  29. Ilya Repin St.Petersburg State Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture
  30. What to study?
  31. SCAD Portfolio Help
  32. Question
  33. about interview of Sheridan&York
  34. McKenzie College of Art and Design (Atlantic Canada, NB) Info
  35. Question about Siggraph
  36. Sheridan intensive summer programs?
  37. Delete Please
  38. Studying art in England?
  39. Help, I've made a bad choice
  40. Need help finding art school like..
  41. Which would benefit more?
  42. Any CCAD Grads out there?
  43. Concept Artist Requirement for School
  44. Looking into self directed study, questions.
  45. Game Art Workshop in Laguna Beach!
  46. Help an Inspired student
  47. Sheridan College Graduate Diploma in Illustration?
  48. Interested in Animation, Advice and Recommendations
  49. Need some help deciding(accd, otis, lcad)
  50. UK summer workshops?
  51. Am i screwed? Help please
  52. dilemma with my course
  53. Am I making a mistake going to Emily Carr University instead of Sheridan
  54. Colleges - Exposure to industries. Help !
  55. Art academies/ateliers in Switzerland?
  56. NON modern architecture school?
  57. www.theartdepartment.org applications are due this week! 1.9 million in scholarships
  58. Meet TAD at SXSW March 11-14 and celebrate with us at ConceptArt.Org Visions!
  59. Illustration Bachelor's
  60. Is Having Two BFAs Insane?
  61. Illustration MFA
  62. What will I need in my portfolio? Brera Academy?
  63. My dilemma (Akron vs. CCAD)
  64. Academy of Art University(AAU) vs Vancouver Film School(VFS)
  65. School for concept artists, help!
  66. Portfolio Advice for Angel Academy & Florence Academy
  67. Internship Issues
  69. RISD Architecture?
  70. Ex'pression College
  71. March 13th! - CGCON (SF!)- feat. George Hull & Morgan Kelly!
  72. Animation School Business Plan
  73. Schools for 3D Animation & Visual Effects
  74. Brazilian Art Eductaion - Tupy or not Tupy!
  75. Possibly a stupid Question about careers
  76. Value of the Visual Communications program at SAIC?
  77. Academy of Art University (AAU) SF - Fall 2010
  78. Please Help Me
  79. 1 - 2 year entertainment art programs in NYC, Montreal, or Toronto?
  80. Dundee University General Foundation + Illustration
  81. Online Career Education
  82. Would love to attend Concept Design Academy, but I need a room for the summer!
  83. How important is a Master's degree? Help?
  84. Academy of art university advice
  85. I am determined, but I am desperate for help...
  86. University of Southern California - feedback
  87. The academy of art university question?
  88. Graduating from college is sticky business too~ A little advice?
  89. Futurepoly
  90. Deciding on a Path
  91. Narrowing down the path
  92. Becoming a Concept Artist
  93. what should i choose? gnomon scad vfs or lbl?
  94. Best Sculpting Courses in the WORLD!!
  95. Looking to form small group of aspiring animation industry artists ( LA area)
  96. San Francisco State University - please help!
  97. Futurepoly Open House! (Update)
  98. Parsons drawing and painting summer program?
  99. if i could go back and do it all again....
  100. Watkins College for Illustration?
  101. April Toronto Cartoonists Workshop Courses
  102. Future Poly Courses - Official Thread ( Daniel Dociu Class May 3-7!!)
  103. Pencils in sketching
  104. CCA- California College of the Arts
  105. Need advice on school choice
  106. Academy of art university
  107. Cal State Application N00b Question
  108. How do you all feel about Graphic Design?
  109. New Hampshire Institue of Art?
  110. SCAD? AAU or CIA?
  111. best art school in the world?
  112. Can you teach with Bachelor of Applied Arts?
  113. Community colleges with good art programs?
  114. I got accepted, but strangely, I still can't decide. :/
  115. clueless, need help
  116. Fine art to concept art
  117. recommendations for photography schools
  118. Gnomon School: 2 years vs. 3 years program
  119. Melb, Australia NMIT Bachelor of Illustration
  120. Art Institute San Francisco?
  121. Digital art
  122. what do you guys think about art institue san fransisco
  123. Frustration
  124. Ringling animation or sheridan animation (guys, help me pick XD)
  125. MICA Transfer App
  126. RISD or university? Pros and cons?
  127. Boston area illustrators who teach?
  128. Thoughts on Studio 2nd Street and Watts Atelier?
  129. Not feeling FIT or NYC.
  130. :( Art theft in Art School
  131. Education choice ?
  132. anyone in MCAD
  133. pros and cons of going to art school straight out of highschool?
  134. Cal State Long Beach?
  135. Drawing/Painting or Specific Animation?
  136. ocad or sheridan illustration?
  137. University of Delaware
  138. Best Universities for MFA in Web Design & Motion Graphics
  139. Cal Arts vs USC vs RISD animation
  140. illustration course in academy of arts university
  141. MICA or Tyler?
  142. Full Scholarships to CalArts/Art Schools?
  143. LCAD - Laguna College of Art and Design [Hopeful]
  144. Accepted, but to wrong major. what to do?
  145. MICA or SCAD, illustration or animation?
  146. MIAD or MICA
  147. Traditional Art School in Brisbane Queensland
  148. Quebec resident student loan in Ontario?
  149. Pacific Northwest College of Art
  150. So I want to be a conceptartist....
  151. Need to interview OCAD/Sheridan Graduates; Writing a paper
  152. SJSU, AAU, or CCA animation programs
  153. can't decide on a school or program
  154. should i move to fine art??
  155. Animation Portfolio Workshop vs. Sheridan's Art Fundamentals...
  156. RISD/Ringling PLEASE HELP
  157. UC davis Art Program?
  158. Gary Meyer 4 Days Workshop at 3Kicks Fine Art Studio
  159. National accreditation, how much is this a factor when deciding on a school?
  160. San Francisco State? Channel Islands?
  161. Art Fundamentals at Seneca or Sheridan?
  162. MICA vs. RISD for narrative illustration?
  163. Vcu's graphic design program
  164. summer online classes?
  165. LARA or Studio Escalier?
  166. UC Davis or CCA?
  167. Sheridan or AAU--animation(graduate)
  168. Thoughts on CSULA's Animation program?
  169. Is it hard to transfer to VCU in graphic design?
  170. HEART SET ON BIG APPLE! which school?!
  171. Too many years of animation training?
  172. best schooling for ship design
  173. How difficult is it to transfer into Ringling?
  174. Pixar Animator's training?
  175. Art center vs risd :: Illustration ::
  176. Sequential Art, Comic Art, Cartooning
  177. PBS Show about schools
  178. Ringling vs Art Center
  179. College for 3d modeling/character design
  180. college or study at home? help, opinions needed thank you.
  181. How to be a concept artist?
  182. Questions about LCAD
  183. digital art classes around the seattle area??
  184. Animation Portfolio Workshop Portfolio Review / Suggestions Please!
  185. Schools outside the US
  186. Atelier Course - Level of Application?
  187. Marshall's Human Anatomy Crash-Course
  188. Animation Mentor?
  189. Problem...Ringling Vs. MICA
  190. Art Classes for Non-Art Majors?
  191. Does Ohio University have a strong and/or reputable graphic design program?
  192. any interesting art school in san francisco?
  193. conceptart atelier?
  194. Atelier Marchant
  195. Great Illustration Programs in the SF/Bay Area
  196. Do you need a degree in education to teach fine arts in high school?
  197. SCAD,AAU - MFA (Reviews)
  198. Dropping out of business to go into Arts. Really need advice for this tough decision!
  199. For-profit art academies Vs Public Academies
  200. SAT Scores
  201. CDN vs. US Schools (Illustration)
  202. Type of degree
  203. school for 3d modeler? or at least helpfull for it...
  204. Illustration Academy Kansas City - roommate
  205. tutorial please
  206. Game artist position
  207. landscape architecture in australia university
  208. Finding a school that will take an ink pointillist
  209. Corry Studio of Figurative Art
  210. Looking for a summer art program
  211. Vanarts vs Parsons for animation
  212. Sheridan or Savannah (Hong Kong)
  213. Sheridan or Savannah (Hong Kong) for Illustration
  214. Cambrian College's Animation Program
  215. Feeling abit lost
  216. New Concept Art program at Algonquin College
  217. From zero to an education: What steps? (Wanting to go to calarts)
  218. SCAD Sequential Art Students
  219. How important is location?
  220. The Art Department (TAD) starts 07-12! Foundations/Concept Art/Illustration/Fine Art
  221. Kassan 3 day drawing workshop - LAAFA
  222. Seneca Animation
  223. FZD School First 2010 Grad Show
  224. My situation and Futurepoly, Advice Plz
  225. Looking for Advice/Suggestions (Concept Artist)
  226. A computer for Sheridan's Animation Program
  227. Arts & crafts Of Parents
  228. Illustration master online?
  229. interactive design and game development in SCAD
  230. Ap Studio ? Y/N
  231. About Online Masters in Illustration?
  232. TalentHouse Scholarship Competition for TAD (for those who have yet to apply)
  233. UPDATED: Taking a great online class with TAD starting 07-12?
  234. Life gave me a bowl of lemons - anyone have a recipe for lemonade?
  235. what are some good schools for industrial design?
  236. Colleges, GPA's, and art, oh my!
  237. Question: BFA degree - what jobs can you get after?
  238. Going to art school in France ! Anyone else every consider it?
  239. i will pay for a online digital concept art teacher
  240. Need a degree to work different countrys ?
  241. UK Concept and Comics Summer School
  242. kuwait concept art academy
  243. Seneca or Sheriden for Arts Fundamentals??
  244. Stuck--what to do?
  245. places to study in the UK?
  246. School or Backpacking?
  247. Looking for advice on college majors
  248. What course to choose?
  249. Drawing from Life?!
  250. Best schools for Illustration (undergrad: UK and US)