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  1. How to get an art portfolio going to apply to art schools with as an art newbie?
  2. Prospective tranfer to UCLA in Los Angeles
  3. Sheridan, Digipen, CalArts Portfolio (in need of opinions/direction)
  4. UPDATED 09/24- important question for all current & upcoming art students
  5. Admissions Portfolio Scope
  6. Requirements???
  7. Columbus College of Art and Design: any good?
  8. The Neverending FRUSTRATION
  9. Gemini School of Visual Arts?
  10. Short Courses and Programs in Toronto
  11. Best Art Colleges in Europe?
  12. Terribly confused and frustrated.
  13. Schools in San Francisco, please help
  14. Please help me find the school for me!> for fashion major
  15. Ringling Vs. SCAD-- is the cost worth it? (Applies to any 2 schools really)
  16. Canadian schools with extra lifedrawing every night?
  17. Which classes should I take...?
  18. Toronto based Summer "Academy" ?
  19. qualifications for art university
  20. Looking for Entertainment Design (Concept Art) program
  21. Some questions about art schools
  22. Max the Mutt Animation School Announces January Start
  23. Adventures in Education: The Art Instruction Schools
  24. I need some input on a college...
  25. CCA Animation
  26. Concentration for AP Studio Art
  27. Review my statement of intent for SVA!
  28. Official Scad Thread
  29. NON-4-Year-Schools: Howabout Daily Workshops, Instructional Institutions, Ateliers?
  30. Studying illustration?
  31. SVA Transfer Credits
  32. All over the place
  33. a graduate art school or something else?
  34. Workshop with artist DARWYN COOKE in Toronto
  35. I don't know what I'm doing. College/finding college help?
  36. help!
  37. Ringling money help!
  38. PSU art programs for non-art majors?
  39. Relevant to illustration?
  40. art college list
  41. Okay so...a good concept art location?
  42. Concept Art vs Animation
  43. clueless senior needs your help
  44. Games Concepts Design at Staffordshire, and uni choices: Help!
  45. Portfolio Piece - Define "finished drawing"
  46. Art Fundamentals course at Sheridan
  47. Advice for Graphic arts
  48. Computer Arts at Abertay, Dundee
  49. Good programs in Fine Arts? - painting?
  50. Full Sail Elitism? :(
  51. Glasgow School of Art?
  52. Looking for atelier or digital art school near Anaheim, CA
  53. Figurative/Fine arts pre-college programs?
  54. Dan McCaw lecture and slide presentation
  55. Art and Art school in Vienna
  56. burp
  57. Need some advice on art schools....
  58. Joe Kubert School?
  59. Considering attending Academy of Art University Online
  60. about online schools
  61. Cost of Living: Finding Cheap Lodging While Studying at an Academy/Atelier?
  62. HELP: Animation MA in Europe (or the US)?
  63. Ontario College of Art and Design...?
  64. My Animation schools...LCAD?
  65. SVA Statement of Intent
  66. a good graduate course in illustration
  67. Best School(s) for Classical Painting
  68. Illustration program advice for a returning student
  69. Does anyone know of a good art school Around Vancouver, British Columbia?
  70. VanArts?
  71. Help!!! looking for school & country
  72. Studying by correspondence
  73. uk students applying to American Universities
  74. Schools in SA or Asia
  75. POLL: Program Info -Financial Aid & Tuition Options for The ConceptArt.Org Art School
  76. Help with choosing schools and portfolio
  77. I need some advice
  78. Pursuing Art School....need advice !
  79. I need some advice....
  80. Help with my statement of intent?
  81. California College of the Arts?
  82. What art schools have good illustration programs but are a little more affordable?
  83. What art schools have good illustration programs but are a little more affordable?
  84. Art Schools in Germany
  85. 1-2 year diploma/graduate studies in concept design/entertainment design
  86. Good colleges in PA, AZ, CO? Also, portfolio question
  87. Can your university professor draw? (image dump)
  88. The Feng Zhu School of Design
  89. Is art school a rip off???
  90. Should I take an anatomy or life drawing class?
  91. How’s Cooking as a profession?
  92. --
  93. how are these schools in garduate illustration program?
  94. Panic, fear and financial restraints.
  95. Do you have to take the GRE to go to art grad school (i.e., at Art Center)?
  96. Best US art colleges for illustration?
  97. Art...what can I do with it??
  98. Help finding education
  99. Private (CalArts) vs Public (CSUF?)
  100. Pixar Internship Questions...
  101. The Art Institute vs Academy of Art University
  102. The Animation Workshop portfolio help
  103. Questions regarding art style & portfolios
  104. Opinions on Digipen BFA?
  105. Laguna College of Art and Design?
  106. SJSU or CSUF for Animation Degree?
  107. Benefits of attending school
  108. Art School Reccommendation
  109. art school in belgium (fine art)
  110. I have a few questions, I'm in need of some advice.
  111. What do you guys think about Ashland Academy of Art?
  112. Aiming to become a game concept artist, but need some help
  113. Academy of Art University San Francisco Housing options
  114. Online Programs
  115. Jeremy Jarvis at the IMC 2010
  116. Putting demoreels on NTSC?
  117. Atelier?
  118. What should I study?
  119. Maryland Institute College of Art
  120. Art schools in SF for fashion design
  122. Art Schools in the Seattle area and degrees.
  123. Masters course in Animation.
  124. Art Center at Night?
  125. Delete
  126. Entertainment design portfolio for art center
  127. concept art atelier
  128. B.F.A or Certificate Program of Illustration?
  129. so..i want to get into animation or illustration..
  130. Art institute
  131. Feel like I'm on the wrong course
  132. SCAD versus FIT
  133. Art School in Western Washington
  134. Where should I apply?!
  135. looking for assistance
  136. If you are going to go to to school, these online classes will help you get there...
  137. Art school in Sweden. Any recomendations?
  138. Classical education and concept art
  139. Gen Ed?
  140. what do you do as an animator?
  141. Animation Schools? | Foundation Classes?
  142. School online... im life in spain .
  143. Academy of Art (MFA program) - online
  144. Internship portfolios? Help!
  145. Any opinions on Max the Mutt from people who don't represent the school?
  146. **CA's SKETCHBOOK Page Inoculation TRIALS – Winners Don't Pay for Saturday Class!**
  147. Opinions on switch to the Art Academy, London
  148. Studying Illustration
  149. Art schools in VIC Australia.
  150. Watts Atelier of the Arts
  151. an illustrator's portfolio issues
  152. Question About Portfolios
  153. UK Digital Art Courses in London
  154. Seattle Area Certificate/Continuing Education Programs
  155. Help with Sheridan Project
  156. Montreal
  157. Max Ginsburg Workshop
  158. jon foster's live illustration class this weekend gets you my composition for freeeee
  159. Digital art
  160. a very good school or an animation school?
  161. Concept art/illustration seminars?
  162. Art Schools, And A Career Beyond.
  163. Recommended Course for Concept (UK)
  164. College/career help: Im desperate=(
  165. art schools/colleges in Dallas, TX
  166. Cheapest Art College in London for M.A?
  167. My Options
  168. If you are in art school....or going to be....
  169. University of Texas Art Department?
  170. Highly debated topic
  171. HELP, advice on art schools? (Graphic Design/VisCom)
  172. About academic of art university
  173. what is the difference between animation and computer animation?
  174. Rapid Visualization (Books, Courses?)
  175. De Montfort University, Leicester, Game Art Design.
  176. Toronto Cartoonist Workshop Courses for Winter 2010
  177. ---NEW SCHOOL for the ARTS and The LOFT---
  178. Need to find some good Composition classes or teachers to study from around LA
  179. The Art Department location poll. Which location are you interested in?
  180. Advice on schools
  181. Art Schools/Programs in the Philippines?
  182. looking for fine art schools in Ottawa!!
  183. schools w/ an emphasis on the figure/drawing realistically...that award BFAs?
  184. TAFE vs UNI (aus) for 3D modeling/animation? HELP!!!
  185. Concept Design Academy
  186. I have a slight problem, hard to explain.
  187. ***Academy of Art University Warning (3D ANIMATION APPLICANTS)!!!!***
  188. Ringling & Cal Arts: What else?
  189. Laguna College of Art and Design?
  190. Drawing/Painting Holiday
  191. State vs. Art
  192. Any point in starting now..?
  193. art school in holland?
  194. Fall 2010 Entertainment Design-Art Center
  195. regular art school or a grand tour education
  196. Figurative Realist Richard Morris Winter 2010 Classes
  197. SVA questions
  198. If you've attended Art Center, I'de appreciate opinions...
  199. Concept Art Schools in Australia?
  200. Where should i go [for school and with my focus]? (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  201. Gnomon Entertainment Design Program
  202. Looking for college reccomendations and or any other art courses/workshops
  203. deadlines closing in....
  204. Illu/CA in Canada
  205. Deleted
  206. Southern California Portfolio Day at Art Center College of Design (Pasadena)
  207. Some advice!
  208. advice for a "career-changer"?
  209. Career help
  210. Art teachers in Spain
  211. Class recommendations ?
  212. San Jose State University?
  213. Parsons Vs. Pratt, which is a better school?
  214. SCAD help?
  215. Need Some Opinions On Post-Graduation
  216. Angel Academy of Art vs. Florence Academy of Art?
  217. Realism athelier methods?
  218. Cal State vs Laguna vs Art Center?
  219. Need some help picking a school
  220. ECA or RCA?
  221. Internships in the Philly area
  222. Advice about further studies in Graphic Design in the US
  223. help!
  224. De Montfort or Norwich??
  225. VFS?
  226. Advice needed for animation schools
  227. Is Parsons School of Design a good school? NYC
  228. 3Kicks Fine Art Studio Winter Schedule 2010 (Feb. 1st - April 10th)
  229. Any good place to train in Greece?
  230. Gnomon Equivalent?
  231. Good online education?
  232. MA Rather Than MFA
  233. Interview Questions for School Assingment
  234. Animation design center! New semester!
  235. fee waiver, cooper union, and deadlines
  236. Dorian Cleavenger's Fantasy Art Program
  237. Grades VS art
  238. Character Design courses in London UK
  239. Opinions on Sheridan's animation program
  240. UArts?
  241. course and uni help!!!
  242. Studio Art
  243. UCF wants me to submit originals for portfolio review?
  244. Illustration major in art schools near pitt, pa
  245. Good colleges for Illustration
  246. Studio Art Degree?
  247. Quick Question - (Odd Nerdrum)
  248. Online school for Graphic Design...HALP!
  249. Bay Area/Southern California Animation Programs
  250. Illustration Major, whats a good Minor?