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  1. Traditional art studies..
  2. Cheap Anatomy books?
  3. Question on Canvas Boards
  4. Tria markers new brush nib
  5. Reference or Not?
  6. Deleted
  7. Funny Book Question
  8. General thoughts, wouldnt mind a couple of opinions...
  9. Color Theory
  10. What "really gets you" when looking at a piece?
  11. Easel lighting
  12. Damn, Anders Zorn is f*ckin ridiculous in watercolors!
  13. Compositional Miracles.
  14. Question on acrylic gesso
  15. Masonite Boards
  16. Mind Your Business: You Will Lose All The Rights to Your Own Art
  17. Question about C.F. Payne's Technique
  18. Any one know the artist?
  19. Color Rendering Fashion Illustration style
  20. Aviary - fancy photomanip tool or concept artist nextgen tool must have?
  21. Cheap Portfolio Books
  22. TV Playing in the Background. GOOD or EVIL?
  23. Any good ANIMATION books? History,methods ect? example:Richard Williams
  24. Animator Paul Robertson's latest: Kings of Power 4 Billion %
  25. Abstract paintings...and other garbage.
  26. Style. How you developed your style or how are you honing it towards you want it to b
  27. The one printer to rule them all!
  28. Orphan Works
  29. How to come up with ideas that you like?
  30. IMPORTANT! Copyright and Orphan Works bill
  31. Is it easier to find a job as a 2D artist or a 3D artist? and what makes more money?
  32. Is a talent for art natural or learnable?
  33. A good online-store for paint brushes?
  34. Do you guys remember those undead playing cards?
  35. Lose your copyright?!! New Laws?!!
  36. Boy is Richard Schmid a purist!
  37. Next Star Artist Competition 2008
  38. Autodesk SketchBook Pro 2009
  39. consumer A3/large photo printers: which ones are rubbish?
  40. some basic questions
  41. Too much pure black/white in a painting
  42. Question about the Munsell system and it's application to color mixing
  43. Any one seen this book
  44. My concept art is just too bland (blurry, even)
  45. A bit of a long shot but...
  46. Organizing a Live Drawing Club
  47. Traditional painting on new surfaces
  48. Illustrated books for non-children?
  49. Help on my first trip to an Art Supply Store.
  50. Prismacolor Contest
  51. Painting Village - China [youtube]
  52. Pushing that Inspiration.
  53. Would impasto be needed?
  54. I think my art is bad
  55. Shocked!!!
  56. Problems with drybrushing in oils
  57. Iillustrations, stolen & published in China
  58. Why do YOU think drawing is important?
  59. South florida figure drawing
  60. Maya or Max, which is industry preferred?
  61. Portfolio and artist statement
  62. Artist Biographies/Autobiographies you would recommend reading?
  63. J. Canady Art + Live NOISE show in NYC 4.26
  64. Question For Illustrators
  65. Curious about a painting
  66. So I want to start sculpting/modeling....
  67. practice questions
  68. LCD monitor colors
  69. general painting help
  70. Sorayama Secrets Revealed DVD mini-review
  71. Any good stock sites you can recommend?
  72. Another question regarding high quality acrylic paint
  73. Modern art??? - Computer generated poetry
  74. How to start?
  75. A problem with concepting and process
  76. Supporting UK Creativity
  77. La Femme
  78. Where can I find value tutorial?
  79. painting village ( China)
  80. Giacomo Grosso ,are any books with examples in print?
  81. Best 2D digital art magazine?
  82. ConceptFart
  83. Design process difference...
  84. Character Design
  85. I'm already an art student, but I want more!
  86. Do you have to site your references in a painting?
  87. What's on your mind (when you are drawing)
  88. tree graffiti
  89. Prints survey - please answer if you can
  90. Question on mounting Paper to a board
  91. figure drawing question
  92. Finishing my art?
  93. Anyone know of any alkyd mediums that don't yellow?
  94. Music Inspired Art [POST YOURS HERE]
  95. Pros: Do they take away the rights to your work?
  96. The "Right Way" to Learning Anatomy?
  97. I'm not an artist, but I do have some interesting concepts. Where do I go?
  98. Does my mind automatically convert peoples entire faces into symbols?
  99. Practicing strategy help
  100. Help with finding artists
  101. Tablets
  102. Self-censorship and another problem
  103. Best Bridgman.
  104. Question about casting...
  105. Prismacolor, leadholders
  106. Contemporary Fine Art you find interesting
  107. Im selected -Special task
  108. Good markers?
  109. art and propaganda
  110. Prismacolor smearing ink, what do u use?
  111. figure studies
  112. Which Vermillion to use?
  113. What is the best Graphic Book [novel] you own
  114. What makes a good character?
  115. Tips and advice for starting out
  116. I haven't done a digital painting in months...
  117. Help with a school project?
  118. "Breaking into Videogame industry" - Moving?
  119. Life Drawing - Getting started from scratch
  120. How To Be Like You All
  121. hey
  122. I M Confused Please Help
  123. Question about Critique
  124. Nude male drawing...
  125. help me pimp a ride
  126. Thoughts, The Future, My Journey, and etc.
  127. Child Reference
  128. Orphan Works Act...
  129. Painting on mount board?
  130. Since Iron Man the movie's out, time to revisit Bob Layton's art
  131. drawinng complex form in perspective
  132. Yoji Shinkawa appreciation
  133. understanding anatomy
  134. 36 colors, 40 hours, pixel-by-pixel
  135. What are the rules when it comes to using pirated software to create a piece of art?
  136. Where iz Puddnhead??
  137. Should I join ASFA?
  138. Question About Artist's Gallery
  139. Having some issues with greyscale oil painting
  140. Environment and hardware starting point
  141. Why do all the new people want such brutal critique?
  142. perspective books can someone help
  143. Graduation gift - what's best to ask for?
  144. Contests and Fan Art
  145. Paintings to Pixels
  146. How did James Bama do all that detail work under tight deadlines?
  147. Robert Rauschenberg dies at 82
  148. How do you record painting sessions?
  149. WHAT ARE THE BEST ART BOOKS? what am i missing out on?
  150. Large Bristol
  151. Question on charging
  152. Paul Oxborough at Ettinger Gallery...
  153. Helpful tips on sculpting?
  154. Alchemy Software?
  155. storing un-framed paintings?
  156. Motion capturing hurting 3d animation?
  157. traditional/digital painting combination?
  158. Point of the 30 second sketch?
  159. Skottie Young comic con tips (Around Comics podcast)
  160. marker/brush pen transparency
  161. Female comic artists?
  162. They say no question is ever stupid:
  163. Theft at a professional level:
  164. Can you see the solution? (before you start drawing)
  165. Web Gallery for artists of today
  166. Does anyone know what happened to the "Perspective 101" thread?
  167. Boats
  168. Abandoning your first idea/concept on a piece- help!
  169. Fixative?
  170. Multiple layers of gesso? Why?
  171. Fooled Me For A Second
  172. Tablet suggestions?
  173. Talent- Can you learn and improve or do you have to be BORN with it?
  174. T-pose suggestions
  175. The Artist's Manikin To Get You Excited For Anatomy
  176. Importance of Video Games to a Concept Artist
  177. question about foreshortining
  178. Branching out
  179. Phil Hale short studio vid (warning: arty and vague)
  180. Becoming a concept artist
  181. what is the different and advantage of thickness line and thinness line in sketching?
  182. How long do you spend on 1 piece of art?
  183. Where would you start?
  184. portraits
  185. Vehicle design vs character
  186. Pareidolia and Art
  187. China vs India vs Sumi-e
  188. Stick figure or gesture: Preferred 1st step?
  189. Next Star Artist Competition - nextstarartist.com
  190. which one to choose...URGENT
  191. How long does removable screen block take to dry?
  192. Acrylic paint tonal shift?
  193. Painting Miniature Female Figures THE TECHNIQUES
  194. Painting wet into dry
  195. Southern California Art Exhibits URL
  196. Quick question regarding acrylics
  197. Facial anatomy question
  198. Making a surface look wet...
  199. Old Holland Paints: are they worth the money??
  200. Kolinsky Red Sable Oil Brushes
  201. The Training of a Golden Age Animator
  202. Sampling color from reference.
  203. speed paintings
  204. Storyboarding - Advice please...
  205. Out of Picture Vol. 1 book
  206. Working with inks for the first time
  207. Figures: Life vs Loomis
  208. Plein Air Sketching
  209. Artist's Refs To Get You Excited For Anatomy
  210. Architecture
  211. Acylic Paint and Alcohol
  212. Landscape process/tutorial (I said the "t" word :O)
  213. Photograhic Art
  214. Shading Technique
  215. Know Anything About French Comic Books?
  216. Game studios in California
  217. Where/How to begin learning art?
  218. practice schedule?
  219. Counselor Meeting, now unsure??
  220. Issues with my 000 brushes and spotters
  221. Speed Drawings/Paintings?
  222. Any awkward moments sketching out in the open world?
  223. Sex and gaming
  224. Pieces of hair and lint embedded in my glazes
  225. Create a own world
  226. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  227. Start with Ball-Point or Pencil
  228. Portfolio for Illustration?
  229. Architectural Concepts
  230. Bad Habits: Get Lazy with your painting procedure
  231. Rereading Harold Speed on oil painting...
  232. Watercolor pencils
  233. Work from B&W tones to colour?
  234. the big picture - seeing the whole while working on the part - EXERCISES?
  235. reference boosting imagination?
  236. New printer
  237. pic by night
  238. the most calming drawings/artist you know?
  239. Help! i need to write an esssay on illustration!
  240. Modeling Clay cracks when it dries?
  241. What's the best way
  242. What is the poly count for a low poly and high poly game 3D model?
  243. Concept Art Pipeline
  244. Stage Fright: How I Can Sketch Porn in 30 Seconds But Not Finish a Piece in a Year
  245. Richard Schmid Instructional DVD: FRIGGIN BANGIN'
  246. What sculpting compound to use?
  247. 3D software packages?
  248. Pricing Character Design, need help from experts
  249. A digital painting question
  250. Question 'bout Storyboarding.