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  1. old Oil Painting
  2. How do I see values properly?
  3. Looking for THIS artist
  4. How to painting properly with soft brush?
  5. value changes in shadow
  6. advice on my value practice
  7. Does anybody have the full explanation on Hamptonís head?
  8. Perspective question
  9. My figure sketches are inconsistent.
  10. Complete loss of artistic drive
  11. Why is the cheek drawn as pointing up if the bone is poiting down?
  12. lighting conditions, value relationships and keying
  13. Is it best to learn to draw skulls to learn to draw faces?
  14. How do I use colours properly
  15. What's the best way to learn how to draw real-looking humans from imagination?
  16. If you could ask a professional artist ANYTHING, what would you ask?
  17. Not drawing consistently well
  18. I made a new way to buy and sell digital artwork
  19. What happened to the FZD thread in the School forum?
  20. Ho can I add a picture to my sketchbook.
  21. How can we distinguish the olil paintings handmade or printed quickly and easily?
  22. Academic vs conventional
  23. Blending with hard brush
  24. Your best quick tips for artists...
  25. A loaded question about going back to college
  26. Is it okay to take breaks?
  27. Issue converting from Values to Colored Image and painting from imagination
  28. Word of advice for those buying art lessons online.
  29. Proko's Anatomy Course
  30. Is 2 point perspective inherently distorted?
  31. Experience with books vs. video courses?
  32. How do you use a pencil to measure something without it being a sight-size method?
  33. Twitch emoticons - resize and readability
  34. HELP! Spilled water on Intuos Pro
  35. Need help with digital art
  36. NSFW - Nudity Where is the ball that sticks out of the femur/thigh?
  37. Questions regarding some books and paper quality
  38. Direction and scale
  39. Is there a way to turn used sketch paper into 'new' paper or just something to use?
  40. Post a black artist better than me
  41. Canada animation concept art job
  42. About learning order of fundamentals
  43. Issues present in our industry and greatest desire for it
  44. Need design ideas for spaceship
  45. How to activate your brain's ability to learn
  46. Jobs in the creative field
  47. Concept Art/ Illustrator: I started drawing July of 2017
  48. What do you think about croquis?
  49. I have a bad tremor: I guess my dreams are shattered?How to overcome that sadness
  50. Low dust pencils
  51. Is This Style Wanted?
  52. I am giving up on Inking. Any way to correct your lines on sketch?
  53. How do you find inspiration to design your mechs?
  54. Anyone tried the Wacom Art Pen?
  55. New to Digital Art
  56. Need to level up. Human figure drawing.
  57. norman rockweel and j.c.leyendecker question
  58. Prussian Blue "restored" after fading in LF test?
  59. Colors in a painting that are not what they seem to be?
  60. Why draw?
  61. How does your approach to producing art differ depending on the subject matter?
  62. Concept art or something else
  63. My pictures aren't going through the insert image tool- HELP!
  64. "self-study" vs "self-study on top of home-study art program"
  65. Does anyone else struggle to enjoy drawing sometimes? Like, quite a lot
  66. Paper VS Digital for the fundamentals
  67. How can I learn to draw a rotating cube?
  68. On digital painting and construction
  69. Selling Artwork Reproductions (Prints)
  70. What do I do if I hate the project I'm working on (freelance)
  71. How do I study anatomy? & How do I learn to oil ? Atelier?
  72. What is an excellent resource to learn anatomy from?
  73. Where do you publish comic art online?
  74. How to ask for mentorship?
  75. How shall I learn basic gesture?
  76. I gained nothing from doing gesture drawings
  77. Searching a mentor!
  78. Copic 72 set A vs B help
  79. How to inking comic?
  80. Identity Politics and Art
  81. NSFW - Sexual Situation Some pictures at the exhibition - "A new look at art through a hole in the canvas"
  82. How DO YOU DO the hours of art that you do?
  83. Google Hangout Sessions
  84. Starting in digital art
  85. Tips on making rough animatics?
  86. Lee Hnetinka, What do you think about contemporary art?
  87. Concepts App on iOS 11.3
  88. Pencil-sketch like generative art
  89. Where shuld i start?
  90. Support Living Artist & Make the Art Market more accessible!
  91. Essential Oils in painting?
  92. Color and Light? #help
  93. How long does it take you to finish a piece of art?
  94. Drawing Using Construction Method, Resources on Shading/Rendering?
  95. Best books/videos/guides/etc. for an absolute beginner?
  96. Buying paints online
  97. Paint SLUDGE...Recycling/Disposal of?
  98. Introdution
  99. How much should I charge for my charcoal portraits?
  100. Improving my drawings
  101. Concept Artist & Illustrator at once - Concept Illustrator?
  102. Stylus Grips
  103. What is effective succession/progress of learning drawing?
  104. Concept Artist VS Illustrator - What to expect?
  105. Drawing exercises- How much?
  106. Article on everyday objects used for creative spaceship inspiration
  107. Hitting Many Walls
  108. Non-Fading Black Ink
  109. Wacom VS Huion, what do you prefer?
  110. Art Questions
  111. Any good drawing advice blogs?
  112. Looking for 2d practice Pals
  113. art magazines/publications?
  114. How To Draw Book, 2nd hand?
  115. The choice of drawing medium to improve quality of lines(Pen vs Pencil)?
  116. Recommended Print on Demand Sites for Prints, etc
  117. Questions on creature design
  118. Terryl Whitlatch & Creature Design
  119. Industrial design vs product design
  120. How can I "test" if my work is derivative work or if it is original enough..
  121. question for beginner
  122. How to practice Perspective?
  123. Am I doing this exercise right? (Albrecht Durer)
  124. Thoughts on my project idea?
  125. Has anyone obtained the free guides from Artistsnetwork?
  126. How do you draw animals in perspective?
  127. question about cylinders
  128. rough sketches or complete drawings
  129. Watermarks as anti-theft measure
  130. What skillset is required inorder to become a concept artist
  131. 3D modelling/rendering programs
  132. Paper Type
  133. Hi-Rez caught using art from Blizzard
  134. Lazy eye and drawing from life?
  135. Last 72 Hours to get Master Class by Feng Zhu, Sparth, John J Park and many more!
  136. thinking about creative outlets
  137. Drawabox vs Drawing on the right side of the brain
  138. New artist here with some serious questions and in need of motivation
  139. Searching for a specific Artist /sketchbook
  140. Help for printing Bargue Plates
  141. Drawing from Photos vs. Life
  142. Proportion & scaling in perspective
  143. Art History books worth reading
  144. Scott Robertson's line weight video
  145. Question about breaking into the entertainment industry.
  146. Portable stafli where to buy and what's good?
  147. On the fence between my passions
  148. How does one show a character's feeling and thoughts without drawing a character?
  149. Im worried about my illustration career and thats ok but..
  150. NSFW - Nudity Artist looking for Illustrator display tablet ?
  151. Medium-high+ skill level artists: INCREDIBLE inspirational painting: Can someone brea
  152. Isn't 3D better than 2D nowadays? Then why do people want to pursue 2d?
  153. Looking for some help breaking down some Lebbeus Woods renderings
  154. Some technical perspective questions
  155. Choosing a limited palette (marker pens)
  156. What's the name of this artist?
  157. Need advice on how to reach my artistic goals
  158. Protecting Hands/Wrists/Arms??
  159. Bridgeman Anatomy Books
  160. Brown Sketchbook- dynamic sketching
  161. Questionss on light
  162. i need serious help over here
  163. Representing the range of colour in skin
  164. Need help
  165. Landscape practicing and perspective
  166. Figure drawing from Imagination
  167. Can Cold Wax medium self-ignite?
  168. Single painting or a collage?
  169. good resources for learning vehicle concept design?
  170. Is this Mentorship too expensive?
  171. New Art I found at an Estate Sale
  172. Specialising or Generalizing?
  173. I have questions about gesture drawing and figure drawings?
  174. Artist Want to get into AAA game industry (Blizzard)
  175. Would it be wise for me to craft my Industry Portfolio by using my own Character as t
  176. Stiff guestures and work?
  177. Listening to podcast while drawing?
  178. Changing careers?
  179. Game Dev Job Aggregator
  180. Get quicker to the flow.
  181. Practicing Perspective
  182. Need advice on basic watercolor supplies :)
  183. GOD Level profi needed (Adobe Illustrator)
  184. Looking for drawings of Masters
  185. Question about watercolor pallet
  186. Question regarding learning head construction
  187. Head construction_ how to draw the construction lines in the not visible side?
  188. What to discuss with an industry speaker.
  189. Are "stick figure" (A line for limbs) gestures?
  190. Resolution Compromise
  191. Stacking objects with Multiple vanishing points
  192. painting skin,people
  193. What to practice in order to learn to rotate a box at any direction?
  194. I want to be a concept artist(environments mainly). How can I practice?
  195. I have several questions for people that may be involved
  196. Is this a good way for practice and studying?
  197. Is anyone familiar with Richard Anuszkiewicz? (Op Art)
  198. Is specializing important and how to choose?
  199. Tim Burton
  200. Perspective question about boxes rotating
  201. Vanishing points not on horizon line?
  202. NSFW Any way to turn my illustrations into Dioramas in Photoshop without redrawing?
  203. Advice for Background Artists
  204. shading
  205. Where to Start with Figure Drawing?
  206. Digital artists, what do you use for life studies?
  207. Handprint's cov/view distance question
  208. Value Steps
  209. Who can help me find more art like this?
  210. Fabric drawing/painting resources
  211. Question about iPad pro for art vs other mobile options or desktops
  212. How To Draw book by Scott Robertson
  213. rejected by SCAD
  214. Paleolithic Rock Art Samples
  215. Watercolor Pigments
  216. Learning to write vs learning to draw?
  217. Anyone have experience with Watts Attelier online or other mentorship programs?
  218. ART WAR 3
  219. So I've created a head drawing "cheating" app.
  220. Drawing and concept art?
  221. Members who cannot take criticism
  222. CA Forums are the Reason You Suck (probably)
  223. Favorite Drawing Music?
  224. Lookin for art friends
  225. construction drawing and generic results
  226. How do you draw like this?
  227. Difficulty in holding a mental image
  228. Just a new guy saying hello.
  229. What is your thought-process like when you are fully concentrated?
  230. Finding it hard to get back to art
  231. I want to produce digital art. Is it ok to skip traditional painting?
  232. Destroy Bad Art
  233. Digitizing, DIY
  234. Advice for moving forward
  235. Looking for a scott robertson how to draw book buddy
  236. To fix habits & to work at a game company
  237. Is this software any good?
  238. Learning about Perspective
  239. Practice for identifying edges ?
  240. study art and practice
  241. Which paper medium do you recommend for outdoor sketching?
  242. Where can I find online art academy?
  243. How to build a consistent drawing habit/How to Improve
  244. Is photoshop required to do digital art?
  245. Aspiring artist concept art pricing
  246. Looking for a comprehensive book about perspective for complete beginners
  247. I need help and/or inspiration for an art challenge.
  248. The use of 3D software for 2D artists
  249. Question to the Art Community
  250. Advice for Starting Commissions