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  1. how to let lose and just draw
  2. Professor said I will never make it as an artists.
  3. How to approach an illustration like this..?
  4. Need some clarification.....
  5. Inspirational Reference images (1850-1940 period)
  6. Similar Looking Character Concepts
  7. I need a group of artists to illustrate for an anthology I want to get published.
  8. What is a good way to paint over paint on wood?
  9. micro-composition?
  10. Doug Higgins on Frank Reilly
  11. Bammes and Anatomy Studies (Moved from Tutorials)
  12. Deep hole.
  13. Unerringly detailed dreams of paintings - not an artist, unsure what to do
  14. Anyone know good Japanese painters?
  15. What should I do next?
  16. I'm ready to invest in myself (plea for guidance)
  17. Grassping the essential in a piece
  18. How to use art books to their potential? ( Hogarth, etc. )
  19. Jack Bosson RIP
  20. Redoing my basics- is this the right way?
  21. Questions About Figure Placement
  22. How to take full advantage of an art book.
  23. Submit story/work to a studio
  24. how do you critique cartoons?
  25. Quit my job & go full-time art school?
  26. Fine Arts Senior Solo Show.... Lost :(
  27. so, Landscapes?
  28. Question about light and color
  29. Do you stretch your own canvas? Or buy?
  30. Help with this perspective?
  31. When is the right time to move on?
  32. Ripping out sketchbook pages?
  33. Hi, what do I need to improve currently with my art hobby?
  34. Book light preferences and other lights.
  35. No patience is bad for an artist?
  36. Best portable device for digital painting?
  37. Who is this artist
  38. Scott Robertson youtube
  39. set of 5 drafting pencils is this overkill?
  40. Panel Discussion from Illuxcon
  41. Emulating others to get better
  42. Please recommend me a good post-impressionism book
  43. On visual memory
  44. Gradual Gradation (moved from Fine Arts)
  45. Sorry if this is the wrong section,Goodwill find
  46. Focus on weaknesses or focus on strengths?
  47. Digital Painting question
  48. What's in you're tackle box?
  49. Drawing drapery creases
  50. Wanting to start a Sketchbook but......
  51. Christmas help needed.
  52. When do the Ulna and Radius cross?
  53. Need help on what to price for an illustration commission
  54. What do you do when this happens to you??????!!!
  55. Video showing how to draw using your elbow/shoulder on a tablet?
  56. Drawing small and detailed
  57. I Have This Feeling That........
  58. Giving good criticism
  59. Am i doing it right?
  60. Advice on approaching Value studies.
  61. shadow boxes and Geometric Solids? help
  62. Niagara Falls by Church, study
  63. hello
  64. Proportional Dividers for Observational Drawing?
  65. Identifying colors
  66. Keeping Things in Scale in Perspective
  67. Is it better to do something you like or something that's better for the common good?
  68. Composing scenes of figures
  69. Perspective help
  70. The Squirrel Selection
  71. Struggling and need a prod in the right direction.
  72. Can someone tell me what Passion is ?
  73. Going around in 'circles' here.
  74. On the early beginning; tablet or paper?
  75. Plein-air easel for 16 x 20's
  76. Dumb question of the night.
  77. depression struggle
  78. I have 30 in vouchers. Now, what to spend it on?
  79. Anyone have any John Bauer Illustrations? Have the RARE 1913 Bland Tomtar...
  80. Anatomy Sketchbook
  81. How to use off page vanishing points?
  82. Any good Art university..?
  83. FDZSCHOOL - Before and After (Ep.59) Question
  84. who did this painting?
  85. Anatomy for beginner
  86. Rendering?
  87. An alternative to screen printing...
  88. subsurface scattering question
  89. Digital painting, concept art and illustration
  90. Question about Liquin and deitails
  91. more sites for gesture drawing poses??
  92. Unreliable pens
  93. Need some perspective pointers
  94. Looking to Research
  95. comic and sequential lineart
  96. Do you think this a valid method to get better?
  97. Help me choosing an inspirational book.
  98. In praise of RGK
  99. Regarding figure models
  100. Graphite Value Scales
  101. Website farming art images!
  102. Tips for Drawing Machinery
  103. Opinions/Advice on creating art vs studying
  104. Interesting article about developing competence
  105. Artist cheating clients out of money.
  106. Turn Around Portrait References?
  107. First time painting with traditional medium, need advice.
  108. I Would Like People's Opinions
  109. Comic Book newbie - Any help?
  110. Question about technique (i think?)
  111. Remains of a Roman villa found in Assisi
  112. Suggestion please: Magazine, Tools?
  113. Getting most out of painting from life
  114. Do you guys feel discouraged when you turn off your linework?
  115. How specific should my art focus be?
  116. Couple newbie questions :)
  117. Non-exclusive reproduction rights?
  118. Drawing with a wacom as beginner
  119. Please tell me your workflow.
  120. How to develop creativity
  121. How to create realistic shading in a painting program [specifically photoshop]?
  122. Can anyone help me with this!
  123. is it okay to use other people as references image? (Moved from Sketchbooks)
  124. Question about getting better.
  125. Andrew Loomis vs Michael Hampton Figure Drawing
  126. Skulls and bones Tutorials (moved from TT&T)
  127. Best book to study (moved from TT&T)
  128. Good Exercises To Start Improving And Learning?
  129. how do you mix maker colours or should I use another medium.
  130. When do you call your concept art "finished"?
  131. Environment sketch- which paper/ pencils?
  132. Novice in need of advice
  133. Is racy art a problem in professional industry?
  134. a somewhat more advanced lighting question.
  135. literature: basics, perspective, light, etc.
  136. Focus more on?
  137. Guidance for attending animation school and cost/funding
  138. what happend to the featured artist section?
  139. Easy Online Portfolio Options? Blogs/Web Host/Anything else?
  140. Drawing stamina?
  141. I'm comfortable with a pencil but not with a tablet please help.
  142. 6 International Art Contests
  143. Mess or Masterpiece? Portrait of Duchess Kate revealed
  144. Sketchbook and critiques
  145. can somebody explain the pencil measuring technique to me.
  146. Illustrator promo services/mailling lists
  147. A handful of assorted beginner questions
  148. Scheduled live paintings over the internet?
  149. What does a sucessful Concept art Portfolio Look like? Should I show progress?
  150. Is having an agent the answer?
  151. Do you guys use pen pressure setting?
  152. Question about a book.
  153. What is the best reference picture search engine?
  154. help me with references for sci-fi :D
  155. Advice on coloring.
  156. Help, Can You Provide me with links to concept art related websites for inspiration?
  157. NEED HELP !
  158. Anyone used the Barnestone teaching method?
  159. Dpaint, jeffx99, elwell, blackspot, briggsy
  161. Do sepia coloured lead pencils exist?
  162. whats square one to becoming a concept artist
  163. Practice Schedule
  164. ablet pc's
  165. Painting when travelling tablet pc's help.
  166. Research for School
  167. Help with learning about values
  168. Game asset creation?
  169. Beginner with sketching/ environemnt- how to start?
  170. More of a career issue than technical, maybe?
  171. Pricing help.
  172. Practical Perspective Question
  173. I always recycle all the drawings I do IRL
  174. Pros based in the U.S. -- please take the Graphic Artists Guild pricing survey
  175. About reflections and reflective surfaces
  176. Greyscale to Color tips
  177. Where should I start?
  178. Anyone have any tips for drawing interiors of buildings?
  179. RSI? sore wrist/shoulder
  180. How to direct the eye with colour?
  181. Anatomy book recommendations
  182. Minor Concept - Page for Young Concept Artists
  183. Scheduling my time
  184. what is the different from wide angle lens perspective with normal lens angle ?
  185. how to develop my design skill? can anybody help?
  186. Fundamentals
  187. Kick in the Art
  188. Decorative art, conceptual art, fine art...difference?
  189. Problems with room lighting... How much light?
  190. Does Photoshop do vector work very well? (Logo design)
  191. Explain Yourself!
  192. Questions From A Beginner on Sketch Art, Help Much Appreciated
  193. Working on emotions
  194. good values?
  195. Hmmm...
  196. When use photography ???
  197. When you do a self portrait. . .
  198. A small question regarding concept- and pixel artists.
  199. Quick question about WIPs and Submitting Portfoilios
  200. Life drawings and proportions, bending the rules?
  201. looking for a fresh start
  202. How to make a perfect cube in perspective -- does this make sense?
  203. Manikins
  204. how are my drawings not strong enough?
  205. Dear Conceptart, may I have this?
  206. High school art teacher vs studio art teacher
  207. Focused Studys vs. Overall Studys
  208. Sanford or Prismacolor?
  209. John Asaro Vintage Ceramic "Planes of the Head".
  210. Are line exercises useful?
  211. Practice structure needed.
  212. getting better, then getting worse... artistic progress makes a strange curve indeed!
  213. Why does it look like a cartoon? Mechanical drafter needs drawing instructions
  214. Etiquette for portfolio under a pseudonym?
  215. Darkening a color
  216. No Knowledge, No Help, NO CHANCE FOR SUCCESS
  217. Artist Name or not?
  218. Scott Robertson Matte Rendering Question
  219. 3/4th Industrial design perspective
  220. Urban Sketching bags, what are your favorites?
  221. Quality drawing table- for sale!
  222. Letter from Ward Kimball to an asipiring animator
  223. I suck at finding stuff!
  224. Let's play who is this artist!
  225. lighting conditions for drawing on paper indoors
  226. Can I get some advice on my first commissioned portrait?
  227. Art Career Guidance? (moved from Mentoring)
  228. Some doubts about freelancing
  229. Colorist in training looking for tips
  230. How do I get started in the industry? (moved from Entertainment Design)
  231. Constructivist Criticism
  232. Advice on Design Lifestyle
  233. Sending a fan letter to Glen Keane?
  234. Biggest pet peeve when drawing?
  235. The approach to drawing - real and imagined
  236. Is there too much competition and not enough jobs.
  237. Young art student need's guidence (moved)
  238. tattoodonkey.com and unethical business practices
  239. How to digitally paint figures?
  240. Getting an Illustration Agent
  241. Art books, where to start..
  242. School Mural Woes
  243. Totally New
  244. Now and Then
  245. What happened to Yoitisi's (Guido Kuip's) book?
  246. Painting normal buildings at mid-distance
  247. I really need an advice on time management as a student
  248. Canvas priming and oil absorption
  249. Molesine/ Sketching all the time- which pen? Markers?
  250. Tile art for games