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  1. Orange Streak in Outdoor Shadows???
  2. WTF do artists&designers need in a SOCIAL NETWORK?
  3. Advice for more schooling
  4. Picture books for adults (as a broad genre)
  5. Plagiarism, where is the line?
  6. Pros & cons of headphones in an art studio?
  7. San Francisco '12 Workshop review
  8. The Masterful Hand Thread
  9. Edward Gorey's Great Simple Theory About Art
  10. Reilly / Watts Quick Sketch method
  11. Andrew Loomis Head Construction Video
  12. Advise on Charakter-based Composition
  13. advice
  14. Perspective Help?
  15. Brush and ruler
  16. Facing Learning Block - How to overcome?
  17. Is it stunting my growth ...
  18. How to erase cleanly?
  19. Advice, Stuck,How-To, Arghhh!
  20. What is and what isn't - Part - I
  21. Photography Question
  22. Sketchy Sketches. Calming the hand.
  23. Painting with opacity?
  24. Reconciliation of real life and drawing terms
  25. Regarding Randis Albion's paintings
  26. Any good books on trees and plants?
  27. I'm just not feeling it anymore.
  28. Digital painting: opacity, flow and other settings
  29. Livestream with Marvel artist Salgood Sam-- 6:30PM EST
  30. Realizing I picked the wrong education
  31. Recommendations?
  32. Colour advice?
  33. Client trying to copyright BGs in animations
  34. Drawing portraits vs drawing faces
  35. Art and Speed
  36. Looking for an Artist i knew from CA.org
  37. Looking for stencil art/posters
  39. Selling popular characters? Is it ethical?
  40. Should the state fund the arts?
  41. The War of Art - by Steven Pressfield
  42. Bizarre artwork or sculptures
  43. Iain Mccaig Casket of Souls Artwork/Mccaig Appreciation Thread
  44. Andrew loomis....wtf? typo?
  45. Facial Anatomy Question
  46. question about managing colors in your composition
  47. How do you know what of your portfolio is best?
  48. Well known Human Anatomy Artists
  49. Tutorials, books etc
  50. Could I be looking for work at my current skill level?
  51. Good place to find good fashion references?
  52. tips for more interesting still lifes
  53. eatpoo forum, and tarot competition
  54. Dear light guru of Concept art, Reflective light question
  55. Is the dissapointement just me or?
  56. Dear Critics...
  57. Is there a name for this type of art? -nsfw-
  58. Fantasy Art Questions
  59. How the hell he does this?
  60. Starting again.
  61. Good wrist support while drawing?
  62. Number 1 - Most important activity in your art career
  63. Compressed charcoal?
  64. Looking for a good white inkor marker that works with markers (copics)
  65. Looking for a good white inkor marker that works with markers (copics)
  66. Need some ideas for a school project
  67. My Painting Process
  68. Perspective grid help needed before I start matte painting
  69. SO MANY REVOLUTIONS: Impressionism
  70. copic marker masters?
  71. Progression speed
  72. Can art be just a phase?
  73. Does anyone know the artist?
  74. Creative Research
  75. Getting mad over light, shadows and values
  76. Transitioning
  77. What are the elements of good drawings?
  78. Pen Suggestion?
  79. Gnomon Workshop Live!
  80. Can someone please give me some tips for sketching hair in charcoal?
  81. What's your workflow (2D/Digital artists)?
  82. Dividing a box in N equally.
  83. the level needed to make money as a freelancer
  84. ipad and color palette
  85. Jobs in creative industry that don't require great drawing skills.
  86. Giclee Canvas Prints - Prices
  87. Painting both Digitally and in Oils
  88. Can't avoid impasto while painting oil or acrylic, help?
  89. Procedural memory drawing
  90. The relationship between Traditional art & Digital art
  91. Drawing Hard Surfaces
  92. Finding car proportions (Scott Robertson)
  93. wacom vs. pen and paper
  94. Critiquing on Anatomy/Proportions?
  95. Framing Conte Crayon Piece?
  96. How to make the most of life drawing class?
  97. Quick Question, who said a certain quote?
  98. Drawing with mechanical pencils... (some questions and thoughts)
  99. What happened to ArtsyPoses.com?
  100. I need help getting the female anatomy right and drawing female poses
  101. What is the purpose of 3D modeling software?
  102. Books/Resources on Composition
  103. What kind of paint is Gerhard Richter using?
  104. Does anyone know where I can buy the Zhanglu/Manley portrait videos?
  105. Which should be undertaken first? Drawing from life, or studying anatomy in detail?
  106. Does anybody know which drawing method is better? Andrew Loomis or George Bridgeman?
  107. Joe Plaskett Charcoal
  108. How do you use casein in relation to oils?
  109. Book on lighting
  110. I have almost finished Andrew Loomis books. What's next?
  111. Andrew Loomis Creative Illustration
  112. Colors guide
  113. Worrying too much or doing too little
  114. Richter sale sets living artist record $34.2 million
  115. Learning drawing is like learning Chinese characters
  116. How to create "Finished" art?
  117. Comic book colorist? + Finding jobs
  118. whats the best prop making website?
  119. Has anyone seen this painting?
  120. Using perspective grid for scenery?
  121. How to structure time?
  122. Does anyone have any advice/tutorialsl that could help me paint like this?
  123. Learning Book Request
  124. Thoughts on - sample required before we can proceed - proposals
  125. Sketchbooks with covered spiral backs?
  126. This is interesting - the new tour de force from Damien Hirst
  127. How would you begin doing Life Drawings?
  128. Best way to learn that doesn't involve doing masses of reading?
  129. Buy Loomis books, do not download pdfs or post the links here.
  130. Concept art like this?
  131. General question about Vilppu.
  132. Critique from "Lower Levels"
  133. are there actually books that teaches concept art?
  134. The importance of human anatomy within concept art.
  135. 3D artist looking for a little drawing help
  136. Question about art
  137. Contrapposto (Level of the knees.)
  138. psychology -- thought
  139. Sacred Sketchbook
  140. What kind of art is this?
  141. The importance of visual memory
  142. Artists who do figure drawing using copic markers
  143. How to approach drawing the obese male figure?
  144. How you hold your pen?
  145. 30 second poses
  146. What to focus at?
  147. How do you color drawings like Hayao Miyazaki?
  148. Anyone else conditioned to draw at a certain time?
  149. "Just for fun" or "bare the pain"?
  150. Thesis' help - Books on concept art & Architecture
  151. A question to the character designers and such
  152. what is the difference between a concept artist and a production artist
  153. Anyone work with oil pastels?
  154. Art vs antidepressant
  155. I am looking for a specific book on anatomy
  156. Col-Erase vs Premiere
  157. Colour theory recommondations
  158. concept art related major
  159. Beginning oil painting/hesitating about materials and books
  160. confused beginner artist :(
  161. is there a site that has action poses where I can draw from?
  162. Sketch vs finished work
  163. Interested in Learning Concept Art...hewp?
  164. Question about sighting/observational drawing
  165. Trying to get away from just copying to actually understanding?
  166. What Is This?
  167. What is there to learn? (Master Studies)
  168. What to do if you're in a "Bad" arts co-op?
  169. More anatomy questions and regarding simple references
  170. How to shade ?
  171. Poses are limited
  172. Drawing simplified people?
  173. Observational skills?
  174. is "searching lines" considered noobish?
  175. Poser?
  176. Illustration vs drawing
  177. Are there any academic journals on illustration/concept art/painting/design?
  178. Children on this thread for sketchbooks???
  179. How do you flip an object in perspective?
  180. Concept Art Newbie
  181. Architectural Rendering in Tempera by Richard Baehr
  182. Should I be punished for not trying to appeal to shooters, meat, medvial things?
  183. what is the technical skills that im lacking?
  184. Improvement
  185. Displaying concept art in a gallery space copyright question
  186. Regarding perspective studies
  187. im getting tired of using references
  188. Creative problem solving
  189. HELP required for research in conceptual/ installation art
  190. geting more serious about drawing need help with info
  191. Illuxcon 2012!
  192. Color Temperature
  193. Paintings lit from the viewpoint
  194. Want to take art up and don't know where to ask for help.
  195. How much do i charge?
  196. Best way to learn light and shade
  197. Any good examples of pencil smudging?
  198. Rotation of major and minor axis? (circle)
  199. A tilted cube/prism in perspective? (not parallel to ground)
  200. Perspective tuts/ vids that don't start with floating cubes?
  201. Best thing to do?
  202. A Question
  203. How to approach human anatomy organically?
  204. blocking in problem
  205. Becoming a Concept Artist
  206. Prints Prints Prints Prints Prints--- How do you get the near perfect digital print?
  207. Who would be better to study Andrew loomis or Adam admocowicz (sorry about spelling)
  208. Advice for a beginner.
  209. Lines Versus Value; your viewpoint.
  210. The Defense of Art As Career?
  211. Art Books on Perspective and color
  212. Would anyone know here how to ink or even better how to ink like brian bolland?
  213. Only know Photoshop debating moving from South to LA to find dreams come true?
  214. Construction brushes
  215. Home set-ups for still lifes? Newbie here.
  216. "Hand-Copy" an image allowed ?
  217. Learning Perspective from life drawing primitives vs constructing perspective
  218. Buying Asaro head, original or memorized?
  219. Pencil technique
  220. Posters, covers, and adverts.
  221. Stop apologizing already!
  222. College student finds look-a-like hanging on museum
  223. digital painting- start in grayscale or color?
  224. Making Muscles look Organic.
  225. Drawing from life is hard?
  226. Where to find Hi-Res Russian Landscape Paintings?
  227. nvm
  228. Keeping life in perspective
  229. Fabrics, clothing and cloths
  230. The first time I saw form
  231. Portraits of Michelangelo
  232. Digital Art Printers ?
  233. Imaginative Art and the Marketplace
  234. Ruining career by not majoring in art?
  235. the rilley method
  236. comics questions
  237. Pencil grip?
  238. Question about Cast shadows.
  239. How to become an environment artist
  240. Hi, I’m Looking for an Illustrator for my Children’s Book…..10 Questions to ask first
  241. Brainwashed about painting...
  242. Color Theory Practice
  243. Time management and Workflow Question
  244. Graduating Art Student
  245. Andrew Loomis Technique? WTF? (moved from Fine Art)
  246. Drawing when you don't feel like it.
  247. What lamp do you use for painting at night?
  248. Burning out
  249. Books on Art theory?
  250. Model Box or whatever its called