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  1. At The Edge: Art of the Fantastic
  2. Pontormo Drawings?
  3. Using a camera instead of a scanner?
  4. Details Anxiety
  5. Time managment
  6. How might one go about acquiring geometric solids?
  7. I don't want to be classed as 'BEGINNER' anymore!
  8. Conventions to go to in Germany?
  9. Inspire me. - Old Masters
  10. Line Quality
  11. Non-ref work & inability to use "methods"
  12. Selling myself !
  13. Inability to get anatomy and gesture right; am I the only one?
  14. Free Art Pose
  15. Any how-to-composition books out there that are notable?
  16. Copying animation roughs and stuff
  17. Trying to rekindle my love of art
  18. Question about light
  19. Andrew Loomis - Fun With A Pencil problem (among other questions)
  20. Intentional mark making...or what ever it is?
  21. Frustrated with "stuckness"
  22. Improving
  23. How to create this look of digital painting?
  24. Using Tumblr for professional online portfolios?
  25. alternatives to life drawing?
  26. Cool toys
  27. My graphite works look strange...
  28. Dynamic Perspective?
  29. Struggling design character costumes and gear.
  30. Greyscale for checking values?
  31. Shifting Reality Acoss Long Island
  32. Same Face Syndrome
  33. loomis' Drawing the head and hands
  34. Painting/drawing on animal bone?
  35. Anatomy and its application
  36. How to purchase CELSYS IllustStudio
  37. I think I've just about lost it....
  38. 3D Environment Concept Techniques
  39. Drawing from life in a certain stage of development
  40. How did you get comfortable painting?
  41. gesture poses (question)
  42. Sudden realisation....Any help?
  43. Question about drawing aproach
  44. Questions on freelance concept art
  45. Communication through illustration: message, narrative, abstract
  46. Is it normal to take breaks? (and other ramblings)
  47. I'm starting to feel that drawing is becoming tedious. Advice?
  48. I don't need to draw (Misleading Title)
  49. Why paint in gray scale before color?
  50. doing a painting and i have a quick question
  51. The Right Direction for Growth
  52. Portfolio review/feedback
  53. Finding Art Style
  54. OCD maybe?
  55. Essentials of the face?
  56. Feeling of progress
  57. vanishing point is off the page :(
  58. Life? Art? WAHH?
  59. Your first job before going pro?
  60. Collection Of Awesome Drawings
  61. Looking for a type of photo-refrence book.
  62. When is a person ready to start taking commissions for money?
  63. I want to master the cube( without missing any angle)
  64. Basic excersizes to start off with or a book of them?
  65. Holding a pencil
  66. What if someone made an art social network
  67. Pallet Knife technique advice?
  68. how long do models sit for during a class?
  69. Semi advanced lighting question
  70. Help finding Chinese 'Daomu' artist Ken Chou (aka Zhou Kai, aka Twobrush2000)
  71. Loomis books, where to start?
  72. Done lots of art, now what?
  73. In Need of a Tattoo Design!
  74. How to practice?
  75. Scrub's perspective question
  76. Old art books?
  77. "If all the other humans died, would you still draw?"
  78. Paper Deformation
  79. How many projects do you work on at once?
  80. "No skill required for digital art"
  81. What do you think about when you art?
  82. Anyone using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011
  83. A bit of encouragement
  84. Question time - Kekai Kotaki, John Park and Gerhard Mozsi
  85. question regarding Sargent notes
  86. What are the best sepia pencils?
  87. Protecting your work..
  88. Ask: Simple paint sketch need it
  89. Questions regarding art progression.
  90. Which work did you most enjoy creating?
  91. Specific concept art style? (moved)
  92. Can I do it this way?
  93. Howard Pyle's Hierarchy of Fundamentals?
  94. Who is the artist?
  95. Is it stressful for you too ?
  96. Houdon 12" or Fem. Anatomical. Fig. V1 23"
  97. I'd like to buy some casts for drawing/painting - but in plastic, not plaster
  98. Simplifying organic forms
  99. Edgar Payne show in Pasadena, CA
  100. Anybody know where bumskee/min yum is?
  101. I read thims front the master collection of imagine fx on skin
  102. Learning Perspective Drawing
  103. Eastern Art approaches?
  104. Drawing from Imagination
  105. Advice for Start Up
  106. anymore thinking and my head is going to explode
  107. Art historians discover 100 drawings by young Caravaggio
  108. Regarding perspective
  109. Please identify the artist
  110. Senior Series
  111. Reference-induced headache
  112. art horses vs. easels
  113. Art Workbooks/ textbook curriculum.
  114. Question about casting a shadow on a slanted surface
  115. Where to Buy Oils
  116. How do you establish a ground plane? And then place things on it?
  117. Where did Francis Tsai go?
  118. General tips on taking a better photo.
  119. A proper youtube art vid
  120. Horizon floor?
  121. Gurney on Forest Interiors
  122. Anime's place in the world of fine art
  123. Smooth paper for oils
  124. Christian art
  125. Environments- Where to begin?!
  126. Fantasy Art & Fairies how
  127. Action/fighting Poses
  128. Looking for good book for learning descriptive geometry
  129. Clean and Smooth line art?
  130. Anatomy HELP!
  131. Overlap Of Form and Anatomy question
  132. Looking for good portrait references.
  133. bad concept art
  134. How to get this effect?
  135. Advice structuring a study plan
  136. Alternative to newsprint
  137. cheating? digital painting
  138. Beginner looking for help. ^^
  139. Question about feet and eye
  140. Prismacolor Pencils in UK
  141. How to colour concept art character silhouettes? (moved from ED&CA)
  142. Question about Picasso print?
  143. Contests : Should a person going to be a Pro do them?
  144. Concept art tips for a beginer.
  145. How do I price my paintings and make them ready for sale?
  146. Being a Concept Artist outside the US?
  147. The case Magnasco + Peruzzini
  148. help with Nicolaides' Natural Way to Draw
  149. Furniture from trees in your own backyard.
  150. My first Video Diary!
  151. Why are modern artists so much better than artists from 100+ years ago?
  152. The competitive-ness level of the art field?
  153. When to use CG Textures? Portfolio work?
  154. Help me to learn better anatomy
  155. Altering work you made as an employee
  156. Contour, why can i not grasp this.
  157. Please read/watch this report about For-Profit colleges
  158. Finding perspective
  159. Books on Composition, Color Theory and Lighting?
  160. Jacqueline Carey of The Kushiel Series is Seeking Artist
  161. Storing\Preserving Gouache paintings
  162. Could you help to understand the proportion of women in cartoon?
  163. surface prep questions
  164. UFO in art
  165. I'm confused on things related to perspective.
  166. Need help identifying this
  167. Anyone recognize this painting?
  168. Furthering my character and creature design
  169. Making Portraits.
  170. Does learning to "see" simply come with time/practice of drawing from observation?
  171. To art, or not to art?
  172. Hard pastel help
  173. Outsider questions on art for graphic novels and comics
  174. Sleep and the lack thereof
  175. Art Students League, NY
  176. Kassan and Binoculars
  177. Being a cheap ass with primer
  178. To Those Before Me
  179. Color and Value
  180. Check this out: Archival footage of a master artist drawing from 1936.
  181. Tracing
  182. Questions regarding to concept art.
  183. Anatomy books ?
  184. Art Genre Problem?
  185. 1 strange painting... (by Giulio Romano)
  186. canvas sheet
  187. Redlining other artist's work for practice
  188. How do you get pro at environment painting??
  189. How to take your own reference photographs?
  190. Little help with oil painting
  191. How to Criticize a Work of Art
  192. Bark painting techniques in digital medium
  193. I'm a beginner.
  194. Breaking Gender Roles
  195. Starting a Drawing
  196. Should I take job that ask me to do a sample first after I showed them my portfolio
  197. Need advice to improve
  198. No more mirrors?
  199. Do Video Games Artists Still Use Pencils?
  200. Reference dilemma
  201. Studio ergonomics
  202. Similar instructions like Michael Hampton
  203. Help - head and face features
  204. Contracts with clients
  205. Opinion on Art Classes
  206. What if there was a social network just for Graphic Design & Illustrators O.O;
  207. Choose you art field?
  208. Reference books for Chinese environments and culture?
  209. Thoughts on Priming Illustration Board
  210. "Alla Prima Everything I know About Painting" by Richard Schmid
  211. Starting Digital Painting?
  212. References for Vines?
  213. Art and Mary Jane
  214. Looking for particular instructional videos
  215. Learning composition
  216. A little help with life drawing
  217. A question regarding gesture drawing
  218. Painting outdoors without breaking the bank (and my back!)
  219. Writer looking for artist to collaborate on novel with
  220. Mood through colour and colour in general
  221. Need help with drawing fundamental shapes
  222. Question on style
  223. how to handle rendering form digitally
  224. Artists with 8bit/virtualreality/Tron alike style
  225. Need a Concept art for 3d Modeling
  226. help find a thread?
  227. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
  228. How important is networking in concept art
  229. Why is blue dark?
  230. Norman Rockwell Book Recommendation?
  231. Starting to paint
  232. Austin Osman Spare
  233. Beginner Question on Learning/Practice
  234. Line Technique question
  235. Who wants Photoshop CS6 for $400 off?
  236. Perspective Haters, Behold!
  237. gundam artist
  238. What is Digital Painting? A rant and a cry for help.
  239. "getting a job in the industry question"
  240. Newbie question - darkening paint w/out black
  241. getting an italian student loan for angel academy as a british student?
  242. Why drawing in those days?
  243. Migrating toward concept art
  244. Charles Bargue and Sight Size
  245. What are your biggest fears and regrets
  246. Kim Jung Gi - How?
  247. Another social network thing! PLEASE READ before Judging :)
  248. Freelance Illustrators Wanted Job...Nervous!
  249. Trying my best at my internship, but still dissapoint myself and them
  250. Complete Rookie Seeking Aid