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  1. Human anatomy book for study sketches
  2. Direction in Concept Art
  3. Massimo Scolari painter and architect at Yale School of Architecture
  4. Bridgman, badly reproduced illustrations
  5. Confusion over perspective and eyeballing
  6. Contempory Art / modern art
  7. Some confusion about grey
  8. Ballpoint Pen Art
  9. what would you paint for pleasure
  10. In rare exhibit, 250-year-old paintings on display in U.S.
  11. Drawing curly hat hair
  12. Going backwards
  13. Spectrum 19 artist list posted
  14. Fashion Illustration
  15. Artist style
  16. Question about color shift in shadow area
  17. Distortion in Perspective
  18. Advanced Perspective drawings
  19. Photo Reference Site ?
  20. Had question about cone of vision
  21. A short talk with the Black Frog (Igor-Alban Chevalier)
  22. Fully Rendering Drawings
  23. Books about Art History
  24. Making artwork suitable for t-shirts?
  25. Concept art milestones?
  26. Gesture Drawing
  27. What's going wrong? Help please!
  28. Art books: Mechanical design?
  29. Stylized ... style...
  30. Character concepts
  31. security of an artist? (conceptual)
  32. Ellipse practice
  33. But, Is It Art?
  34. Steampunk
  35. Was this photo altered?
  36. How to prepare an art exam
  37. Studying Anatomy
  38. Skill Acquisition: Abandonment and Fixtation
  39. SOLVED "Find this image with nothing but an obscure description AND a sketch"thread
  40. How do you know when...?
  41. Composition
  42. Drawing: Born with it or can you learn it?
  43. concept art showreel advise
  44. Whats your favorite shape?
  45. mechanical pencils vs wooden pencils
  46. Using an easel
  47. Conceptual genres and specific things
  48. I need your input on a color scheme
  49. Question about learning anatomy
  50. gotta question for a concept portfolio
  51. Can some one help me remember this website?
  52. Question about what I should focus more on?
  53. Handprint:perspective in the world. questions
  54. 2pt grids (perspective)
  55. How many youtubers do you know that teaches digital painting?
  56. A Photo-Ref Thread
  57. Artist Identification
  58. Sketching/Drawing help
  59. Pixel Art?
  60. suitable college for my situation
  61. Niklas Janssen shares thoughts on spaceship visual design.
  62. character design
  63. Photo Referencing Too Early in a Piece to be Published?
  64. Were dissect cadavers?
  65. Aha/Epiphany moments
  66. Googleartproject
  67. Questions? x.x
  68. Whats the best tablet pc that lets you draw on top of the screen directly?
  69. direction: illustration or concept art or both?
  70. Work process : Scaling in Photoshop
  71. Rough vs. Polished
  72. Tossing the construction
  73. Looking for an artwork
  74. David Hockney - Bigger Picture show at RA.
  75. The Art of Leo and Diane Dillon
  76. First issue finally done!
  77. I am looking for an artist in Moscow/Pullman
  78. Exercise and Remedies for Tendontis/Carpal Tunnel?
  79. When do you step away/give up on a painting?
  80. So many child prodigies, do I even have a chance?
  81. Fantasy Art + Oil Painting?
  82. I wanna hear some opinions
  83. Master studies: Suggestions?
  84. Architecture
  85. How do you know when it's time to move on with your studies?
  86. Who does the best livestream for character design?
  87. Help please - 3d 101?
  88. Paleontography: Illustrating Ancient Life
  89. Politics and Professional Jobs
  90. artistic process?
  91. Greek painters
  92. HELP looking for Gouache and artists who use it?
  93. rosalind krauss sculpture in the expanded field
  94. Sand sculpture museum
  95. Anatomy Text
  96. Conversation with Students
  97. Learning to learn to draw...
  98. What exercise would you prescribe to a novice to do once a day?
  99. Which books should I study for anatomy?
  100. Color theory
  101. DAZ Studio is free until the end of the month.
  102. Life Drawing Tool: Clothing
  103. How to paint similar to this style?
  104. Art Festival scene?
  105. Accepted Pixar portfolios?
  106. Plein-air panels
  107. Music While Drawing: Yay or Nay?
  108. New York or Calfornia: Which place has the bigger commercial art scene?
  109. Steps - Where do you go after the sketch phase?
  110. How to study
  111. Starting to draw again - really need advice
  112. Research on my project about alternative learning in arts
  113. I don't know who's advice to follow!?
  114. Concept Art (Tutorials?)
  115. Advice while streaming
  116. Draw a perfect square using two vanishing points
  117. Anatomy for learning
  118. Virtual Lighting Studio Will Teach You to Light a Photo or Video Set
  119. Freelance Contracts: What To Do When Getting Horribly Shafted?
  120. Art History DVDS?
  121. How many bargues did you draw and how long it took
  122. History of concept art or design
  123. Need Help Identifying This Image
  124. Need some help on sky lighting...
  125. Line draft vs Value draft
  126. need opinion?
  127. Alternative to bridgman?
  128. up&downstream of compositions
  129. Nikolai Blokhin
  130. Trying to take a more serious path with my art
  131. RUSSIA AND ME: A Retrospective
  132. Looking for a more structured path to learning
  133. How to give emotion/feeling to your work?
  134. How much anatomy do you really need to know?
  135. Charcoal demos?
  136. Studying Sargent's Sketches
  137. Munch's The Scream sells for record $120-million
  138. how did you start?
  139. Changing my style
  140. 2 new Leonardo Da Vinci
  141. Tragic Press Kit: Documenta 13
  142. Guaging Art Skillz with Handwriting style
  143. What's with the High Heels?
  144. A trend I noticed now that I have a tumblr
  145. Trying to reproduce something, Help!
  146. constructing scenes?
  147. Am I too late for art college?
  148. Yet another "create art because you love it, not to get rich" post.
  149. I wanna make sure I'm on the right path.. please help!
  150. Line vs Value Process?
  151. Help me learn Value/Perspective
  152. Van Gogh Portrait by Jeanne Donnadieu Discovered Online
  153. Drawing to communicate concepts
  154. HELP!! Album cover painting rates? help me :(
  155. Stock photos of spheres and blocks
  156. Successful Drawing is here!
  157. Looking at my Sketch book
  158. Can anyone help me find a painting? It had a giant salamander
  159. "alternate" career (not counting macdonalds cashier)
  160. Life Drawing
  161. Confusion over areas of concentration
  162. The Official Modern/Contemporary Art Thread
  163. Looking for contemporary artists with surrealistic influencies
  164. Rendering anatomy from imagination
  165. The relevance of a 'real' story for your portfolio pieces
  166. Can anbody tell me who...
  167. I want to draw but Anime keeps coming out.
  168. What is YOUR painting method?
  169. Hi, how do you practise?
  170. Pencil vs Pen
  171. I need a few councils
  172. Time devoted to art
  173. Questions about setting up for perspective drawing - traditional and digital
  174. Questions for Concept Artists on Character Design.
  175. Concept Artist-Degree or no degree?
  176. Colour Palette FX - Create Palettes from Your Photos...
  177. The relationship between 'traditional copying' and 'gesture/animation' style drawing
  178. Going from Fine Art to Concept Art
  179. A message to beginners and those who don't improve
  180. Lacked Refinement?
  181. Brown mechanical pencil lead to much to ask for?
  182. Image sizes and resolution
  183. any tips for measuring depth in perspective?
  184. am i to old to pursuit a career in concep or ilustrations :S
  185. Hogarth Video lesson on Drawing the Head
  186. Spectrum Live
  187. Advanced guide on aesthetics for landscapes/environments
  188. Warped Faces Reference
  189. When should I start making a portfolio?
  190. question about art fundamentals
  191. Storyboard pay?
  192. Art as a hobby or profession?
  193. I want to get good, it's going to be a nightmare or a dream?
  194. Have YOU ever used the Artist's Market book to get work? Success stories?
  195. Studios of Famous Artists
  196. Begginer here, any tips?
  197. Do you keep your old drawings?
  198. Question about college portfolio
  199. Flipping the art switch
  200. Studying shadow?
  201. I just want to cartoon. Do I really need to learn traditional drawing and stuff?
  202. How hard would it be to get as good as these artists
  203. Choosing path in art
  204. When I mirror my drawings, they suck
  205. Brom Textures
  206. Resources/Exercises on practical Notan. (For comics)
  207. So I overheard my classmates talking...
  208. What do you look for when conceiving ideas for poses?
  209. Perspective applied to landscapes
  210. Need help with learning anatomy
  211. Proportion Question
  212. Will Classes help?
  213. Lighting help
  214. A year of nothing, structure and order
  215. New Business Cards
  216. cheating?
  217. BFA for Game artist??
  218. Allentown Fantasy Art exhibit
  219. 2D side scrolling art
  220. Great Advice on Choosing a Path
  221. Confused about advanced graphite drawings
  222. Atelier for someone just starting?
  223. Hiring someone here? As a tutor/mentor?
  224. Have I been going about things wrong?
  225. "Tidying Up Art"
  226. Details in quick nature sketches
  227. Drawing Naturally vs. Constructively
  228. Lighting lamp and costume?
  229. One year of frustration
  230. Two anatomy questions
  231. How to be super creepy...
  232. idea generating for art without MDD
  233. Visualizing - What do YOU do?
  234. Help finding illustration
  235. General question about ellipses in 1 point perspective
  236. Mounting linen canvas onto board (Confusion)
  237. Recruiting for a Game Project!
  238. Transitioning from hobby to career?
  239. Need Assistance with Values
  240. Need a cool piece of sci fi or modern concept art...
  241. Back down memory lane
  242. Anatomy help.
  243. Concensus on art made from pictures?
  244. Forgetting About Learning?
  245. Odd places to see good art.
  246. Large size calligraphy brush
  247. Eastern/oriental aesthetic
  248. I Need Painting Art Ideas for My New Place!
  249. Zooming in question
  250. Are there any threads for acrylic resources?