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  1. Shipping pastel/charcoal drawings ?
  2. CREATIVE LIFE:Franco Zeffirelli
  3. Illustration of the Week?
  4. An Excercise to help Distance, directon and proportion
  5. Calender of conventions?
  6. Kill Bill
  7. How does anyone contact the bigwigs?
  8. Impulse and logics
  9. Commission Price Dilemma
  10. tradditonal art supplies questions
  11. viable way to learn perspective?
  12. Does anyone know what font this is?
  13. Drawing from life: ANGLES :(
  14. Jeffrey Catherine Jones has passed away
  15. I have problems with taking criticism.
  16. I found a bow of crayons! :D
  17. Lost in progression
  18. Whatís Harder? Starting Something New or Finishing Whatís Started?
  19. Could You Help Identify This Artist?
  20. Painting Doesn't Fit Topic
  21. Super Awkward question about figure drawing
  22. Concerns on copyright related issue, Many thanks
  23. Designing face for a simple design while avoiding identical face
  24. Learning to have fun again
  25. Reviving a Comic
  26. Re-starting art
  27. Struggling with portraits!
  28. Jack Faragasso: Mastering Drawing the Human Figure From Life, Memory, Imagination
  29. Figure Drawing Tips
  30. How do you get art into a gallery?
  31. Tattoos in the art world
  32. Interesting post on Beginnings of Masters
  33. First paid gig. HALP!!!!
  34. How do you transfer drawings onto a larger piece of paper?
  35. Fascinated by watching this guy sculpt
  36. Resume issues!
  37. Raphael atau/or Leonardo ?
  38. Selling art for the first time
  39. ID Artist
  40. I really need some art career advice!
  41. How to make something look imposing
  42. Do game companies ever hire outside the US?
  43. Help with line quality
  44. How to educate yourself in the fine arts?
  45. Requesting help/advice on mediums and posting work.
  46. Help posting a new thread.
  47. Good source for affordable costume/props?
  48. Digital Art Classes?
  49. Solid Printer for Watercolor
  50. Is drawing from photos 'bad'
  51. Turning down client...first time, feels weird.
  52. I need to see some cool helmet designs for inspiration know of any?
  53. Question about balance
  54. Scanning from home: What software you recommend?
  55. How do I start learning anatomy
  56. Pen and Ink Techniques
  57. Color and composition books?
  58. Unreal aliens that are actually seem beleivable.
  59. Artists Wanted
  60. Hello All....
  61. specific question about plotting a square in one point perspective
  62. Shading Based On Depth: Name of this technique?
  63. Share your general art tips and tricks
  64. Thinking While Observing....
  65. Sample Comic Pages?
  66. Egotistical peers or coworkers
  67. The 12 Labors of Hercules Architect
  68. What is vital for an university application?
  69. Ironic Art
  70. Advice please, someone is using my work...
  71. where do i find inspiration?
  72. Is it realistic for me to apply for full time work?
  73. varnishing help needed!
  74. I'm going to improve
  75. The death march: the problem of crunch time in game development
  76. fixative help
  77. How to store tubes of oil paint?
  78. What are the "basics"?
  79. Need Help With Particular Piece
  80. Share some of your favorite old master drawings
  81. The Science of Cute
  82. Looking For Books...
  83. In need of a passionate illustrator/artist...
  84. Is going to school worth the time/money?
  85. Getting Through Art Block
  86. Observation Drawing: Goals & what you abstract/observe
  87. Need some advice on quoting a project.
  88. Help with Enviroment Designing.
  89. good tutorials/reading on light and shadow?
  90. What is working as an artist like?
  91. first tme with a serious job offer
  92. Nelson Shanks - realism or commercial kitch?
  93. legitimacy of pencils in the workforce.
  94. Three Light Sources
  95. Is it possible to only draw characters in a full time job?
  96. Just graduated... now what?
  97. Check out these great old mug shots
  98. Attend a 3D school? Or learn 3D while working in a company with a mentor?
  99. move on from using lines?
  100. what should i do with old oil paint
  101. Concept design in Mudbox/ZBrush- bypassing the digital painting
  102. Some tips for animal studies?
  103. Pen rendering for figure drawing + what style is this?
  104. 2Qs. Deciding what job to go towards and eyesight
  105. Nude Modeling in classrooms
  106. Pricing for Digital Paintings?
  107. 4 Things I Learned from HEROES CON 2011
  108. A Very Stuck Young Artist....
  109. Open and closed compositions
  110. Robots preferences?
  111. backlighting issue
  112. Help me find a painting!
  113. Kazu Sano 1952-2011
  114. The Lustrous Sheen of Graphite
  115. anatomy book recomendations
  116. QUICK question about anatomy...
  117. Extreme burn-out and over training
  118. Modern cartooning resources
  119. How to improve rendering?
  120. What's the "right" way to paint in Photoshop?
  121. how big are your gestures/studies?
  122. What to do with all these paintings...
  123. Funny thing about trying to draw
  124. Hey Everyone
  125. Recreation practice work?
  126. Why paint transparent shadows and thick lights?
  127. .....
  128. digital painting advice
  129. help identifying a piece
  130. What does CA.org think of Zdzislaw Beksinski?
  131. ApprenticeShip?
  132. Figure Drawing Tool
  133. When feeling unable to progress
  134. So where to begin with Digital Art?
  135. Drawing with grids or without
  136. Mentler DVD
  137. Art Improving Handwriting Worst?
  138. Busking... a good idea to improve?
  139. Sight Measuring How To...
  140. Designing intricate machinery?
  141. Beginners' trouble for starting .
  142. Color Palette Help in Photoshop
  143. Need help with perspective
  144. Scanning canvas paintings????
  145. Freelancing in Sweden
  146. Another artist/ image ID thread, sorry.
  147. Looking for a decent easel
  148. Toned Sketchbook
  149. Lingo: Volume Mass and Form
  150. Art Museums and Sketchbooks?
  151. non-photorealistic proportions~ are there good guidelines to follow?
  152. Should I focus on digital art?
  153. Paying job for a comic book artist
  154. .....
  155. Yeah I wondering about Proportion
  156. Online comics - BW or Color?
  157. Do the same rules of the camera line in film apply to comics?
  158. Just need a little Book purchasing advise!
  159. Positive/Negative Mona Lisa Critique?
  160. Computer game design
  161. Beginning drawing from a live model - follow the class
  162. PRE-RAPHAEITES: ABC1, 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. 19 June 2011.
  163. Observing proportions from life
  164. Question about comic book submissions
  165. Very beginner questions
  166. should i buy Die Gestalt des Menschen for a 100 bucks?
  167. arcs of movement?
  168. In defense of the old masters
  169. .....
  170. Previously unknown Caravaggio painting discovered
  171. Easels for someone tall?
  172. Craig Mullins PDF Sijun Posts
  173. Contracts & working with other artists
  174. Figure Drawing
  175. Stop Whining, Start Working
  176. clothing and costume development.
  177. russian academy blog post rant (inspirational)
  178. Share one painting/drawing that most closely represents your personal stylistic goal.
  179. Best George Bridgman Book
  180. Personal question about Seedling's post: "More on an Art edu. vs. Tools edu."
  181. Creating portfolio, need suggestions for sub categories.
  182. painting in watercolor and gouache
  183. White + Black Charcoal = Blue?
  184. the inbetween-look trick, or: stating the helpful yet bleeding obvious
  185. Question About Holding Drawing Implements
  186. Illustration Portfolio
  187. How important is Rendering?
  188. Starting to get work, need help.
  189. Question about tattoo artists and copyright infringements.
  190. none colours
  191. Tools and or methods for keeping concepts and/or references organized
  192. First Time Being Commissioned for Painting -Help?
  193. Do you think it's possible to get anatomy completely memorized?
  194. Confusion about Indemnify Agreement
  195. How much is it okay to copy? (reference?)
  196. How often did masters draw from imaganation?
  197. Starting out with commissions.
  198. 2 questions: Loomis perspective + zygomatic bone
  199. Heavy Metal E-Books
  200. painting onto photograph help
  201. Trying to learn color
  202. So what do I do with this book?
  203. Favorite quote from an artist?
  204. Doubts on color theory
  205. Vision of future boating - design competition
  206. Value levels
  207. splitting professionnal and casual persona on the web
  208. Egg carton perspective
  209. Concept for the college appliance: list of ideas but what to choose?
  210. Always post in the wrong forum... (prismacolor help and others)
  211. What's your sweet spot?
  212. Very small diameter pencil/ lead?
  213. Is using the eye-dropper tool "cheating" ?
  214. How do I paint/color sketches in Photoshop?
  215. Which of these beginner drawing books to start with...
  216. .....
  217. Vanishing points?
  218. What Art School did you go to?
  219. Leather texture in digital painting
  220. Can you teach yourself illustration or should you go to college for it?
  221. Logo Designer ? ? ? ? ?
  222. Embarrassed of drawing.
  223. Help in recognising this illustrator!
  224. Repetitive drawing of the similar faces
  225. Form Analysis
  226. Feng Zhu question - grayscale layer
  227. How to draw from real life faster?
  228. Selling re-imagined comic covers?
  229. Entertainment Design program
  230. The Pre-Raphaelites
  231. Make 3D video out of regular. Adobe After Effects, other?
  232. Looking for Artist to help design Graphic Novel.
  233. Digital Projector?
  234. Online comic advice
  235. Looking at other artists' work WHILE working
  236. subjective questions about design and it's disciplines
  237. Bargue Question
  238. art
  239. Messing around with paints
  240. Painting basic forms in white
  241. Painting cityscapes
  242. Qeustion about Wedding portraits
  243. "faux naÔve stuff, or just plain bad drawing."
  244. Games/movies with traditional concept art
  245. Blog with tonnes of Disney Imagineering concept art
  246. do you think wooden pencils can ever be replaced by mechanical
  247. Best way to photograph your work?
  248. Getting the most out of Digital Painting?
  249. So... I'm screwed then?
  250. Help with this sculpt