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  1. Books for Storytelling
  2. The right way of sketching?
  3. What are markers and how do they work?
  4. So I made this preset Update!
  5. Street portrait artist, how much do they comission for each drawing?
  6. Photoshop brush settings for various things
  7. Bad Art Day (mainly venting)
  8. Bargue, Digitally ?
  9. Anime fixation can stunt artistic skill?
  10. Does anybody know this book? "Основы учебного академического ри&a
  11. Keys to Drawing by Bert Dodson
  12. Types of Concept Art?
  13. Vilppu Animal Drawing Set - Kinda disappointed
  14. Different books
  15. What went wrong with this render?
  16. Moleskine paper
  17. line art
  18. Need Facial Features Template
  19. Questions about perspective.
  20. Storing Paintings
  21. What do you do when you're feeling overwhelmed?
  22. Speed Painter: No Thumbs?
  23. Composition
  24. Learn painting with Gouche or Oil?
  25. Submissions of Art Competition Online! Please Vote!
  26. Copyright And Licenses - Assistance Please?
  27. Getting proportions right in a gesture pose?
  28. Amateur Problem
  29. Quick perspective question
  30. Bright colors vs. Muted?
  31. What styles and subjects do you most enjoy working with?
  32. Perspective question, converging faster
  33. What gets you drawing?
  34. New artist confidence
  35. Building self-discepline
  36. Framing your art
  37. Original Mucha in KC!
  38. Who's your artist?
  39. which comes first? (advise question)
  40. Crosshatching and shading
  41. What's good and bad about Munsell System
  42. Rapidograph & Isograph: Whats the diffrence?
  43. Violent art makes the world a worse place?
  44. James Gurney interview
  45. Norman Rockwell's works?
  46. Loomis Books
  47. Peter Paul Rubens was a spy
  48. Complex image on canvas
  49. Legitimacy of photo referencing
  50. Who is this Artist?
  51. anyone know who painted this?
  52. When do you move on to color?
  53. Daler-rowney Pro White Retouch Ink
  54. James Bama's "Doc Savage"
  55. Other's Plein air Setups
  56. exactly what are sensitive lines?
  57. The process of developing a character for sequential art?
  58. Painting miniatures - any benefit?
  59. amazon reissuing loomis books.
  60. cotton vs linen canvas
  61. Making sacrifices For Art
  62. How should i go about developing my art skills.
  63. gnomon- similar paid tutorials?
  64. Skulls
  65. Need help with rubble, debris and destruction
  66. Vay's perspective questions
  67. The Structure of a Collection
  68. New Life Drawing Ebook!
  69. AHHH This is impossible!
  70. Preferring mediums over others: Is it ok?
  71. Spaceship Design
  72. (E-)books about rendering?
  73. Online slideshow of Kurt Wenner's 3D chalk illusions
  74. When did you take art seriously?
  75. Plaster Casts/busts
  76. learning traditional
  77. Brain Left side right side JeffX99
  78. Types of charcoal
  79. To Webcomic or not to Webcomic
  80. Structural drawing
  81. "Look at nature to study design"...
  82. Beginning Vilppu Drawing Manual question
  83. Safely hang art on walls?
  84. Beginning Figure Drawing
  85. General Art Questions to the Community.
  86. How to develop a distinctive style?
  87. Age in art and improving your skills
  88. Need... this.. drawing..bok
  89. Whats worth drawing? Inspiration vs. Supply and Demand
  90. Selling art over the internet
  91. Commissions
  92. Why do people like bad art?
  93. Problems with website hosting/domain renewals.
  94. Opacity/ brush question
  96. What's the fuss about revisions?
  97. From the Head or From the Hand?
  98. Art Hurts: Physical Edition
  99. Gouache
  100. measuring
  101. Art Curriculum Help!
  102. First Illustration Job - HELP!
  103. Studies - Repetition and Memorization
  104. Bob Ross Oil Paints?
  105. Art Contest
  106. Feng Zhu on reference and design video
  107. Advanced perspectives books
  108. Im a lost puppy that needs guidance.
  109. Representational Artists
  110. Postmodern files: architects-painters
  111. Gesture drawings/sketches tips?
  112. How to Prepare for Architecture School?
  113. Looking for more by the artist "Tooth"...
  114. Keeping charcoals sharp and drawing from photos
  115. Your favorite multi-figure painting?
  116. vernissage
  117. Why is Picasso arguably the greatest artist of the 20th century?
  118. How am I supposed to NOT work from photographs?
  119. From the Onion - What it's Like to be a Painting
  120. Does the paint really matter?
  121. Post 1900 Art History primer?
  122. Photostudy, how?
  123. Showing symbolism in art?
  124. My intro/request for help!
  125. Is your sketchbook messy or organized?
  126. Nothing Happens Overnight
  127. WHICH BLOG?
  128. Help! I don't get this (loomis)
  129. Digital media vs Traditional paints
  130. Other great design forums?
  131. Looking for a specific quote
  132. lighting conditions
  133. Vermis makes a pochade box
  134. How did you guys find the time to "make" it?
  135. Accidentally better then you are?
  136. Just a head's up- Paintovers in Critique Section
  137. Messy-Sloppy- Or Fantastic?
  138. Composition issues?
  139. Silly question about artist's and eyesight
  140. The book Drawing Essentials
  141. Fast clean edge sketches
  142. Free Digital Art Software, but ONLY if your a Student
  143. Getting away from this cartoony / comic painting style?
  144. Hatch shading.
  145. Shadow perspective help
  146. Ipad - Painting from life to improve?
  147. Connecting to a local art community
  148. Printing Without Pixelation
  149. Drawing too fast!!
  150. Possibly Inflammatory Observation
  151. Fantasy Fantasy Artist Combo (what if)
  152. What is the purpose of canvas supports?
  153. Free 3D modeling
  154. COW, the contests, weekly daily drawing
  155. Help with where to start?
  156. looking for a refurbished wacom intous3 6X8
  157. David Kassan
  158. Charles Bargue
  159. Moleskine's may cause cancer and sketchbook's/papers you've tried recently
  160. 3d art school and what's best
  161. How to describe a characters facial anatomy?
  162. Differences between 'Game artist' und 'Concept artist'?
  163. Is gesture drawing important to illustrators concept artists?
  164. Hitting the wall of digital painting
  165. I miss making art and I seek advice.
  166. So much info on where to start.
  167. Hey all WOULD like to HAVE some help creating a manga comic
  168. Cool art installations
  169. Creativity Vs Rules ?
  170. Starting from scratch- How?
  171. To you, what defines the emotional value of a figure?
  172. Photoshop Brushes- legalities and etiquette
  173. finding a skeleton
  174. copying from photo
  175. Whats it like working at a studio?
  176. Newsprint is bad?
  177. Am I suppose to be using a specific pencil or something?
  178. How do you get yourself out of a lull and back into drawing?
  179. Question Regarding Gnomon DVDs
  180. Bridgman book driving me insane
  181. How to follow up on gesture drawings...
  182. anyone tried this?
  183. Alternative to woden manikkin
  184. Quick Materials Question
  185. The golden section
  186. Digital Painting Female Skin, Help!
  187. Color me bad
  188. Light For Visual Artists book release
  189. What resolution do you paint at?
  190. Post your Palette!
  191. The War Room, a modern version of war related art?
  192. Wild Art Supplies
  193. Advise Needed on Becoming Self-Employed
  194. Loosening Up
  195. I blow at shading
  196. Reilly /Orbik
  197. Pricing your art: size vs. quality
  198. The Need for Terminology
  199. Making backgrounds and tiles for games
  200. Pricing your art- HALP.
  201. B&W to colour/layers
  202. Book on Alexandre Cabanel out now!
  203. Advice for Outdoor Murals
  204. I am a sketchbook horder
  205. Where can I find inspiration for my composition?
  206. Figure Drawing Tutorial Videos Online
  207. How much do you Study for an Assignment VS Working on the Assignment?
  208. guys im fucking crying over here. :/ PS FILE RUINED
  209. Photographing art work
  210. Easy value in pencils
  211. Question about doing flat colors for hire (to flatters & clients)
  212. Why is the human body so beautiful?
  213. Need help with the eye shape
  214. Need artisitc advice... what should I do next?
  215. wacom bamboo VS wacom intuos
  216. The Side of the Pencil?
  217. Great Freelancing Advice - Time Management
  218. A quick question
  219. DC SIGGRAPH: Preparing for the SIGGRAPH Interview
  220. Legal Advice regarding WOTC Submissions
  221. Life Drawing for Newbies
  222. Food for creative thought
  223. What is the salary range for concept artists?
  224. Painting/Coloring Process in European Comics
  225. When enthusiasm turns sour
  226. Todd Harris website/ebook any good?
  227. Advice: Muddy Results Drawing Anything with little Form Light + color
  228. Concept document??
  229. -----
  230. Not to be missed...
  231. "Good artists don't care if they have their work stolen"
  232. Looking for a good portfolio site
  233. Interview with Firstkeeper
  234. US to UK payment methods
  235. Perspective in Everything we Draw?
  236. Role of the "Block in" when drawing from imagionation
  237. Looking for an old old thread... search returns nothing.
  238. Ever get disillustioned? ART RANT
  239. Gottfried Bammes Book coming out for US in Oct?
  240. A site that has galleries with official artwork from video games?
  241. Searching for an Art History / Movements collection site
  242. How to finish drawings/paintings.
  243. Going for Broke
  244. Translating colour wheels based on vision and drawing aerial perspective landscapes
  245. Interesting books to illustrate?
  246. How to find work!! (?)
  247. Articulated/poseable dragon figure? Toys?
  248. Animation Guild Summer Schedule Available
  249. What do you call the imagery and style of art that Daft Punk uses?
  250. Watercolours Adice!