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  1. Good place to buy imagine fx
  2. Identity
  3. trouble drawing
  4. Nomad Brush for the iPad.....really
  5. good organic photoshop brushes?
  6. Starting out in digital...
  7. high school art
  8. Copyright price
  9. Help With Marketing Myself
  10. charles barnard anatomy for the artist
  11. Marker-proof bottled ink?
  12. Recommend Human Photo Reference Books?
  13. What do you do when you're discouraged?
  14. your favourite environments???
  15. Speed Painting as Learning source
  16. How long/days should i spend on drawing?
  17. "Draw like you get laid"
  18. Please help me find a certain artist....!!!
  19. Can't Draw Long Hair
  20. ATTENTION LEFT-HANDED ARTISTS! Amazing new discovery!
  21. urgent question guys please help !!!!!
  22. Skull molds needed
  23. Using 2 point perspective to draw a truck
  24. Young artists that kicked butt
  25. What is the name of this?
  26. What to do when you make art with diverse genres?
  27. What am I doing wrong?
  28. Good Books on Photography to Recommend
  29. I want to do EVERYTHING.
  30. How to start a personal sketch book to show on my profile
  31. Where can I get a free download of the "Vilppu Drawing Manual" video series?
  32. Free Online Art Courses?
  33. Tips for designing unfamiliar subjects
  34. Good upload sites? (for sketchbooks)
  35. quick color studies?
  36. Saturation
  37. Apollo Dorian's Values for Pictures Worth a Thousand Words
  38. How much to charge for a cd cover?
  39. anyone familiar with painting underwater scenery?
  40. A mad rambling about portfolio and digital painting
  41. Movie of Dean Cornwell Painting
  42. Drawing, Painting, and Digital Painting, foundations ?
  43. Drawing, Painting, and Digital Painting, foundations ?
  44. Going out of my comfort zone
  45. (Digital) Art and The Internet
  46. Help with noses :O
  47. What Do You Think of Abstract Art?
  48. Where do you get your stuff printed for...
  49. Help me find the artist
  50. Can anyone please identify this painting
  51. Internships in SoCal
  52. Question about dgital freelance payment...
  53. Being an illustrator/concept artist in Canada
  54. Breaking the rules!
  55. Progressing from Loomis' Fun With A Pencil
  56. That Photoshop Patch Tool Technique
  57. The term cinematography; can it be used for comics?
  58. Questions about the Illustration Academy
  59. Art forums - concept art, deviant art, any others?
  60. spark steambot studios book for sale
  61. Traditional 2D Animation Salaries
  62. Is Madame X "any good"?
  63. How the internet is effecting you as an artist?
  64. Books on how to sell your art?
  65. Need help finding good prismacolors pencils?
  66. Oil paint related oddness..
  67. Photoshop education, books, internet courses, etc?
  68. The reilly method.......
  69. need help for art enthusiast!!
  70. Struggling with the female form
  71. Colours that glow.
  72. A Problem
  73. I need big books of digital fantasy art! Can you help?
  74. going overboard on foundations?
  75. help me draw heads in perspective
  76. Granting publishing rights to independently created artwork?
  77. Animation Contest !! Of MotionContest
  78. photomontage/manipulation to create concept-art?
  79. Make sense out of this
  80. Frazetta tribute exhibition
  81. Sticking to the same style
  82. Drawing lambroghini style doors in perspective- need help on a school project!
  83. Painting things with a lot of detail? Advice?
  84. Proportions and Foreshortening
  85. Where should i start?
  86. French Easels advice
  87. Loomis Books PDF
  88. If you liked making ashtrays in Summer camp...
  89. The neceserity of Art Object in Modern Art
  90. Collecting comic book penciled pages- Pricing?
  91. Having trouble with a concept for movie poster
  92. Where to find artbooks?
  93. Struggling with the Pelvic bone.
  94. Online classes?
  95. any tutorial on simplifying facial structure from a photo ref to then draw
  96. Help! I am pulling my hair when drawing hair!!!
  97. Is Digitally rendered art by default worth less than traditionally rendered art?
  98. Airbrush help-what to get?
  99. How to make good painting timelaps
  100. Art Block?
  101. Straight lines in illustrations
  102. Portable digital portfolios - do you use one?
  103. Rendering a car in photoshop- any resources or advice?
  104. Making the most out of my available time
  105. Colours, I will strangle you!!
  106. Enviorments
  107. Question about edges? (Carlson's Guide)
  108. James Gurney interviews Prof. Sergey Chubirko of Russian Art Academy in Florence
  109. A rational (number free) way of judging art.
  110. How do you sell digital art?
  111. internships - asking about pay/travel/food help costs
  112. How do you draw various injuries
  113. Transferring Drawings: Best Methods?
  114. Methods of sketching street/city scenes.
  115. Help! Painting good, fat, flesh tone!
  116. monitor calibration device help
  117. Help starting pastels
  118. Art Competition - Please participate!
  119. Solutions for poor motor control and painting
  120. Any Ideas on this
  121. Metamorphosis in art
  122. Dan Mycka Phone Conversation
  123. Visiting Paris, looking for Art related things to do
  124. Armpit Hair in Art?
  125. Plein air painting
  126. Portfolio Confidentiality?
  127. Draw like a rabbit or like a turtle
  128. Measuring in heads ?
  129. I've made a blog
  130. Blending Stumps-are they necessary?
  131. how to draw buildings, structures with neat straight edge?
  132. Is there a "right" or "wrong" frame colour?
  133. Help me out with an artistic decision
  134. i m a noob.. please answer me on how to archieve this
  135. I think my obsessions are interfering with my artistic growth
  136. Too Many Books
  137. Color Pencils - Proper Techniques ?
  138. Help Me i Need Advice NOW!!! Deadline
  139. How'd you get started with your tablet?
  140. What are the best methods to improve your drawings?
  141. Drawing Cube perfectly
  142. 28 week self-designed course
  143. Coloring and inking prices?
  144. Do you adjust your price for friends/family?
  145. Should I do it?
  146. Drawing monsters and robots: Nerdy? Naaah.
  147. Semi-Lunatic is about to go postal because of the misinformation about drawing
  148. Recommended Tools of the Trade (Digital Painting)
  149. Books in Perspective?
  150. How do you secure your artwork?
  151. Difference between croquis and gesture drawing?
  152. Anyone have Vilppu's new Animal set yet?
  153. Post your sketching gear.
  154. Environments
  155. Sketching vs Digital Media
  156. Torso / Arms / Legs help
  157. Concept artist- showreel
  158. Art Direction
  159. Homeless art thief had art collection worth $200,000
  160. Is it good to take a step back...?
  161. Spring Break=Improvement week! Suggestions?
  162. Review: Digital Painting Techniques?
  163. One portfolio for all or one for each targeted job?
  164. digital colour
  165. Inside Rendering
  166. 0.5mm vs 0.7mm vs 0.9mm?
  167. Need tips for cartooning
  168. Wanted
  169. Depression
  170. Art - What's your opinion?
  171. Reference Photos
  172. Glenn Vilppu on Facebook
  173. 3 questions: Broad stroke & "face rhythm chart"
  174. exercises to practice coposition
  175. How to improve gradation and values (charcoal)
  176. Oil painting basic supplies
  177. Free frame capture software?
  178. Benchmarking and checkpoints
  179. Pixels n Stuff
  180. Question on Perspective
  181. Giving up your current life for "art" life
  182. How do you tell a real painting from a fake?
  183. drawing
  184. Messy sketching: is it okay?
  185. Shading faces
  186. We know what we like, and it's not modern art - Article
  187. A career in Art when you already have a carreer.
  188. Do I need to use gesso on hardboard? (with acrylic)
  189. Antique Japanse Artwork + Some other pieces I am clueless about!
  190. CMYK in oil paint?
  191. Is Bridgeman the go-to source for figure construction?
  192. Getting good Ideas
  193. Who need a concept artist for free?
  194. Wacom question
  195. Digital Painting Vote
  196. Why is street art becoming popular?
  197. How to 'start' a drawing?
  198. List of Art-related conventions around the world
  199. Help with Brush size (Windsor & Newton)
  200. Sudden Loss of Ability To Draw/See
  201. tango couple painting
  202. euphoria
  203. Digital Studies?
  204. What art style is this?
  205. Want to be an Animator, need ref!
  206. Is It Me Or What?
  207. The Image Viewer
  208. Question (painting water)
  209. Constructing the rib-cage from any angle
  210. Oil Painting - Need a good Book
  211. Art And Capitalism: Misuse of Art?!
  212. Dip pens
  213. Overseas outsourcing + future of industry?
  214. Seroquel and Art
  215. Color of the Shadow
  216. Learning figure drawing...
  217. need a bit help.
  218. Best art documentary
  219. Clay and Paint.
  220. Great Concept Artist vs. okay Concept Artist?
  221. drawing specific people
  222. What does it means when your line looks uncertain
  223. does having a style improve chances at getting certain jobs?
  224. Drawing time.
  225. Pin-up Girls Drawing Help
  226. Great artists of Architecture?
  227. Workflow (photoshop) question.
  228. Where can one find the best draftsmen?
  229. figure drawing help
  230. scholarship application dilemma
  231. Pixel art (sprites) - smaller VS bigger
  232. oil paint framing question
  233. right or left handed
  234. Sketchbook Question
  235. The Frustration!
  236. Barnstone Studios
  237. Number of Animators vs Concept artists?
  238. New to gallery shows... help!
  239. Comission Question
  240. PLease help with concept art questions????????????
  241. developing sketch and research
  242. Help with cartooning?
  243. Digital painting method - good or harmful?
  244. Reference question
  245. Glass Art - Stained Glass and Glass Fusing
  246. Newbie in need of answers
  247. Help!
  248. How common is the use of DAZ/Poser/Painting over 3D render or photograph?
  249. looking for Tarzan Chronicles
  250. I really would like to become a great artist =P