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  1. Digital Painting
  2. Mannequin, Mannikin, or Manikin.
  3. Mechanical pencils (not clutch) for drawing, good choice?
  4. Airbrush help?
  6. Cartoonist artist and poet
  7. Creating Perspective Relative to One Placed Object?
  8. I need help-Basics in Art
  9. Please help a beginning digital painter not lose his mind!
  10. 3 Questions That Address What's Blocking Your Creativity.
  11. Studying Value!
  12. How to educate yourself in the fine arts?
  13. Questions about Tints/Shades/Tones
  14. Concept Art and College Degrees
  15. I'm SO afraid of Inking
  16. Private mentoring.
  17. Sketching from TV
  18. Digital Collaboration
  19. I wanna be an art director (fim)
  20. What is good practice to impove line quality?
  21. Having trouble mixing skin tones with acrylic paint
  22. Tutorial sections overlooked?
  23. Could use alot of advice...
  24. Can life studies be supplemented by any other means?
  25. Portrait painting book advice/recommendation
  26. Question...on Acrylic/Watercolor Painting Technique!!!
  27. Is it ok to copy a photograph for learning?
  28. Anniversary SALE at Old World Comics
  29. Do NOT make a New Year’s Resolution: Do These 3 Things Instead
  30. Using References
  31. Easel Suggestion
  32. anatomy
  33. How do you know you've improved your skills?
  34. Conveying bulk and form in figure drawing?
  35. Is it too late?
  36. Drawing with your arm to get cleaner lines- tips?
  37. Looking at drawing tables - anyone have any experience with them?
  38. What's a good program to practice / improve actual painting skills ?
  39. Anyone with bifocals or progressive lenses? Cataract surgery
  40. Too "Artsy", not enough Professional
  41. What is this muscle??
  42. The best anatomy tutorial I've ever seen
  43. I want to learn backgrounds - where do I start?
  44. Urgent help needed
  45. Words of wisdoms from a bodybuilder on resolutions and motivation - applieable on art
  46. What's Your Ratio? (Life, Ref, Imaginative, Combination)
  47. Practice without progress WHAT?!
  48. help needed
  49. After i add effects previous version looks like crap
  50. Sketching people in public
  51. So many hours, but no understanding
  52. 5 Questions for Professional Concept Artists
  53. Which type of colored pencil is better?
  54. Hong Kong events
  55. travelling while freelancing---
  56. Artists in Residencies, Budapest 2011
  57. To be a tattoist
  58. Does anyone else find concept art to be... cliche?
  59. BBqlab, seeking help
  60. White Fabric Markers
  61. um, can sum1 tell me the perspective for a picture?
  62. Searching for bargue drawings and a question about measuring!
  63. Developing style
  64. BIG THREAD O' SEVERED HEADS! (Was "The most overrated Artists in History")
  65. What's harder - Making paintings look like people...
  66. "Measuring Points" as used in Andrew Loomis' Successful Drawing
  67. gesture questions
  68. The Ugliest of Ugly
  69. Custom Brushes - Godsend or Cheap Tactics?
  70. Help! Oilpaint on my hands!
  71. RoseArt Versus Prismacolor
  72. Can you tell me who painted this???
  73. Good Portrait Book for Beginners
  74. The "Who Drew/Painted This?" Thread
  75. Trouble Learning Atonomy
  76. Clean Sketches
  77. Beginning a painting
  78. Whats the best way to learn Values in Photoshop? apart from books
  79. Concious drawing?
  80. going back to the basics? what are the basics for this?
  81. Random question
  82. Fat over Lean Question
  83. How do you draw poses?
  84. Artists making their own tattoos, Thoughts?
  85. Is it a general fear to draw an image a second time?
  86. Complementing colors
  87. what is wrong with christopher hart?
  88. Web Galleries- theme or medium?
  89. IT'S BRIDGMAN...
  90. What exactly is poster paint?
  91. I just want a good pen!
  92. Question about impossibly huge muscles.
  93. LIGHT----yep I see it...
  94. Parting with original artwork?
  95. Unifying theme for portraits?
  96. People and Perspective?
  97. Art classes?
  98. observation vs phptp
  99. How does one achieve perfect clean linework swiftly? - Elliptical Perspective
  100. Three main proportion styles
  101. Question About Sculpting
  102. (Book) ART/WORK: Everything You Need to Know (and Do) As You Pursue Your Art Career
  103. How do you organize your pencils and leads?
  104. Converting Photoshop to video format Q
  105. Masters to study for tonal pattern, value pattern?
  106. How to conceptualize and get a solid idea - tips please?
  107. Perspective drawing
  108. Could someone help me understand anatomy of the arms?
  109. Daily exercises
  110. Make up artist
  111. Art History
  112. Anatomy References
  113. Prud'hon
  114. Applying for an Internship with Disney(need some help)
  115. Have you applied for an Art Grant before?
  116. Where'd The Shit Talk Go?! (In Real Life...)
  117. Variation in human body proportions
  118. Sketching for oil or etchings
  119. How can I break this cycle?
  120. Freelance illustration: Does this sound normal/am I being "high maintenance"?
  121. Hannes Rant Link
  122. Doug TenNapel: Graphic Novels, Inking, Stories, Characters
  123. Need a few really good artists
  124. Question about using reference
  125. General Dark Art question
  126. I need help finding reference
  127. -----
  128. Establishing a color sheme
  129. Brush for inking?
  130. strip designer
  131. Where to get Sci-fi concept art models/figures?
  132. When you first started drawing, what was the picture you most wanted to draw well?
  133. when drawing from life construction vs eyeballing
  134. Is self-employment a smart idea?
  135. Skin, why you purple?
  136. Use for a 3x3 pocket pad
  137. What Is Beauty / Good Art Argument
  138. Sketches prominant = Not finished?
  139. Pen Nib not Working!
  140. Is there a way you can scale down the elliptical tool in photoshop?
  141. Facial Expression reference
  142. Simple technique question that may not have an definite answer
  143. Do you have a clear picture of what you want to draw in your head when you begin?
  144. Could use some charcoal help.
  145. Advice on taking criticism?
  146. Andrew 'Android' Jones Paintings on a Wallpaper Site?
  147. Where do we start?
  148. Pencil value rendering from imagination.
  149. How Much to Charge Per Illustrations
  150. Measuring
  151. Trouble finishing anything..
  152. Who painted this portrait?
  153. What is the good way for study anatomy?
  154. Art Jobs - Getting paid.. oh god please help me
  155. Best Art supply shop in Berlin Germany??
  156. Should I be getting paid?
  157. Do I belong here?
  158. Starting oil painting, have a few questions.
  159. Sketchbooks suggestions (buying sketchbooks)
  160. perspective of the eye
  161. The eye and the ear
  162. My first attempts at color (pastel) have been a disaster!
  163. Number of employed concept artists?
  164. perpective question
  165. anatomy, How to?
  166. Hard to get myself into art more...
  167. How has your art progressed over the years?
  168. Putting the "fun" in Fundamentals...
  169. How to present Life Drawings?
  170. Could you live in a place without art?
  171. Do certain Copics actually have cadmium in them?
  172. Figure drawing help
  173. Requesting a favor
  174. Ellipses and circles
  175. Getting into the game industry
  176. Sharpies? Cars?
  177. Giving your wrist some lo♥e
  178. Why drawing with a pen, improve your line
  179. What is the best Brand and Pencils to Sketch?
  180. Don't know where else to ask.
  181. How do you determine the height?
  182. How Develop Visual Library?
  183. Strange things that helped your art
  184. This website distracts me! D:
  185. suitable varnish for oil paintings
  186. Learning how everything works for successful designs
  187. Drawing vs Painting
  188. Prices for Commissions
  189. Egyptian Statue in Old Kingdom
  190. Artist Bridge - To stop my smearing & smudging?
  191. Gesture Drawing Issues
  192. How to create seamless print t-shirts?
  193. Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oils
  194. Mechanical HB lead
  195. How to determine how competent you are?
  196. Art History *PLEASE REPLY*
  197. Portrait/Figure Construction Lines: Good, Bad, Situational?
  198. This must get asked a trillion times,But..
  199. New sculpey project
  200. Perspective frustration
  201. Am I viewing this figure drawing class wrong?
  202. Card Art
  203. Hoping for some advice on finding work
  204. Picture not showing up! Broken link? PLZ HELP!!!
  205. Confused about gesture drawing
  206. Lucian Freud: SBS2 TV, 3 February 2011, 8:30 to 9:50 pm.
  207. Storyboarding Questions
  208. Photoshop vs Painter (which one?)!!!
  209. Milton Glaser Talking about the importance of drawing
  210. Are my eyes crap or is this something I have to learn?
  211. "Studying" Your Favourite Artists? (Copying their work)
  212. What's a typical day at your job like?
  213. INTERNATIONAL OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES "Library Thoughts", Budapest 2011
  214. Large Digital Canvas Print Copies General Discussion
  215. Andrew Loomis: Fun with a pencil ??
  216. Considering shifting interest back to art
  217. Digital Painting workflow ?
  218. Inspirational works of art
  219. When trying different stuff how to continue doing it.
  220. An in depth book on perspective
  221. Google's Art Project. Thoughts?
  222. When can you call yourself an artist
  223. I'm confused about Color
  224. going to start from the beginning. (assistance on basics)
  225. Looking for books on art movements
  226. Tattoo Design request
  227. Light, value and detail
  228. Standard price range for a painting to be printed on t-shirt and posters?
  229. Best book on digital art?
  230. Feitelson>Carmean>Vilppu
  231. light and shadow question
  232. Some holes in my study: heads and lines of action
  233. Does anyone else just not get Cubism?
  234. Looking for some reference books
  235. What is Concept Art? Where did Concept Art begin?
  236. zbrush
  237. Environmental Concept Art- Starting with perspective drawing?
  238. 1 year life drawing class - No progress?!
  239. What exactly ARE the basics of drawing and painting?
  240. Can you overcome... the block?
  241. So, why exactly is no one here turned off about Giclee printing?
  242. Help Identifying a Mucha print
  243. Concept Story Sharing!
  244. What art do you own?
  245. Motivation for those afraid to post work: why we forget the importance of failure
  246. Beginers figure drawing book
  247. Any Minimalist Abstract artists here?
  248. Is it supposed to be hard to draw a tomato?
  249. Continue to learn traditionally or switch to digital?
  250. Could anyone please help me identify this artist