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  1. only a sketchbook in the desert seeking some focus....
  2. naming conventions
  3. Paper problems
  4. Drawing Equipment & articles pertaining to pencil sharpening
  5. Favorite Pen and Ink Artists?
  6. I want to draw too.. :(
  7. Analyzing drawings of famous concept artists
  8. large paintings
  9. Trying to find the name of a painting how-to book (only glimpsed a few pages of it)
  10. Can you take crits? The folks at Pixar can!
  11. Stroke direction
  12. A trip down redundancy road. (wall o txt INC)
  13. Hampton's exercises is mind-fucking me
  14. Request: Who drew this?
  15. Who else has this style?
  16. Speed Painting The Persistence Salvador Dali made by Jan Hebenstreit
  17. Tablet vs Pencil
  18. Mechanical Pencil vs Regular Pencil
  19. Painting gold?
  20. Artists' digital painting/illustration .psds
  21. Dealing with a Creative Drought
  22. "Researcher Decodes Rembrandt's 'Magic'"
  23. What's your take on modern art?
  24. A question or two about perspective
  25. Help me find an Artist
  26. Nose help.
  27. CONCEPT ART ?!?!?!?!-please help
  28. Bobby Chiu's Podcast Hunt! Aid needed.
  29. Help! I'm in two minds :(
  30. "Hacking" the brain's subconscious knowledge?
  31. Acrylics as a substitute for watercolor?
  32. Art websites other then CA?
  33. interior design?
  34. The Natural way to draw help needed
  35. Looking for a good book about acrylic painting
  36. Working from a photo with oil paint (portrait)
  37. How to be myself a teacher ????
  38. Good Lighting for Photographing Paintings
  39. i have a question about ritalin
  40. Can an artist learn from tracing? How and why?
  41. color painting process help for a newbie :)
  42. Storyboard Artist Pay
  43. noob plein air painter looking for advice....
  44. Bob Kato: Draw Through The Form?
  45. Other ways of blowing up an image for print?
  46. Questions about the gaming industry.
  47. So... An artist?
  48. What animal has this type of muscle tissue?
  49. I want to be a concept artist...advice?
  50. A wonderful interview with Fantasy Artist & Illustrator - Tom Kidd
  51. UNPUBLISHED article: concept art
  52. Feng Zhu YouTube Channel
  53. Glasgow boys
  54. Dealing with a loss
  55. J-P is looking for advice
  56. Taking it back to basics.
  57. Jerome Witkin Interview
  58. The importance of beauty in art (very good essay by philosopher Robert Scruton)
  59. Direction...I've lost my way through the thicket.
  60. Speed Painting figur design made by Jan Hebenstreit
  61. How important is technique to art?
  62. Interior Illustrations
  63. Large Piece Storage?
  64. What makes ripping into a new sketchbook so... frustratingly awkward?
  65. [ REQUEST ] Seeing/judgeing shapes and proportions
  66. The confusion of anatomy books.. How to use an anatomy book correctly?
  67. An introduction
  68. Loads of head proportions available, which one is right!?
  69. Professional Studios sharing techniques and processes? (Harmful to artistic growth)?
  70. How does one start Speed Painting?
  71. Problems with primed hardboards
  72. high quality online printing service?
  73. Would Anyone on the Face of the Planet Hire me?
  74. 5 questions on constructional drawing
  75. Drawing from the outside then inward?
  76. Enlarging a drawing for watercolour paper
  77. help to choose suitable water color brushes
  78. How do you capture your idea early on?
  79. "Well, those three hours went nowhere!" [Spending a long time on the silly things.]
  80. Do 3d Programs improve your drawing skills?
  81. Beginning Oil Painting
  82. Does female have the same muscle structure as male?
  83. Paper suggestions for use with Conte Pencils (other than smooth newsprint)
  84. Copyright Question
  85. HELP!!! i need ideas for a line drawing using specific objects.
  86. Help me price this painting please?
  87. Artistically Freeing Practices, Methods?
  88. Speed painting, environments and brushes
  89. Art that is not realism, cartoon, or anime (Voynich manuscript)
  90. Dealing With Fustration
  91. Good use of time? practice ?
  92. [REQUEST] Machinarium art style tutorial !
  93. Getting art done as a parent
  94. painting plants and grassy stuff in environments?
  95. Licence
  96. Looking for a quote
  97. Constructing and creating armor/clothing on a character
  98. Does meditation help rebuilding motivation?
  99. New here. Looking for something.
  100. Work Scenario
  101. A passionate and very motivational interview with Tom Fluharty!
  102. Concentrating on art... How?!
  103. Survey for Women (men can help too): Women as Artists
  104. It's Concept Art Week on io9
  105. What is talent?
  106. Japanese action poses
  107. Ivan Aivazovsky - Ninth Wave - Help Needed
  108. combining different oil paints
  109. Lend me your ears-Help me out
  110. I think I just leveled up.
  111. useful art review blog
  112. Painting straight lines
  113. Painting and Working on 1000 Denier Cordura Fabric.
  114. Any Notre Dame Architecture Students/Alumni?
  115. Disney Art Anthology: Group Project
  116. Pre-Frazetta Fantasy Art
  117. Best White Marker?
  118. Tabletop drawing board please help
  119. Architecture and Watercolor?
  120. Help with Skies
  121. What media is this?
  122. No pay
  123. Cartoonist glut
  124. Getting My Art on a BookCover... need advice
  125. the greatest photographic exhibition of all times
  126. Oil paint changed color in the oven
  127. Is there more than one way to get good at drawing?
  128. Superflat: What is it?
  129. Your preferred method of drawing human anatomy?
  130. A Question On Willow Charcoal
  131. How should I invoice someone for work I've done for them? Mail, email, method of pay?
  132. Does anyone have How To Draw Superpowered Heroes Supersize?
  133. Alfons Mucha
  134. Massive Black Biker Image
  135. I Hate This Project I'm Working On
  136. Simple "Traditional" Concept Art Help
  137. Collection of tutorials and other helpful videos
  138. I don't understand
  139. what to do in Chicago?
  140. Traditonal Art Rock, Cliff, Boulder texture question
  141. First day at a summer painting program, confused about some things.
  142. Issues with tensing up
  143. Do you need a cool down/warm-up?
  144. Ask yourself this. Questions from Schmid.
  145. Weird feeling you get sometimes when in the process
  146. Wacom Tablet lap vs. table?
  147. "Artists don't contribute to society" What?
  148. Would like some design input on new project
  149. Going from manga to american style?
  150. Advice for those new to figure drawing?
  151. "Newbie" artist w/intense self criticism - what do you do?
  152. Typography
  153. Let's discuss attractive people
  154. Should I use traditional medium - pencil and paper for practice?
  155. Any advice in designing scifi guns?
  156. Kimon Nicolaides, The Natural way to draw
  157. Does drawing ink have a shelf life?
  158. Painting forests/landscapes?
  159. Advice on "cartoonizing" a chihuahua for a client? Also, price advice?
  160. Desperately looking for a specific face tutorial
  161. Which design marker?!
  162. How long would it take you?
  163. Winsor and Newtor oil paints - different series?
  164. What makes a quality painting?
  165. your favorite medium
  166. Pain in middle finger whilst drawing, what to do?
  167. Concept Art Should be? - free or restrictive
  168. Flipping an image, Then it looks weird?
  169. Suggestions for city photos
  170. Looking for help with a woodcut / stained glass style
  171. Advice On Backgrounds
  172. Clay onto skeleton for learning anatomy?
  173. How is this done?!
  174. Male Vs Female Jaw
  175. Anatomy Studying vs Improving Technique?
  176. Portable Art Gear Question
  177. Career Shift to concept artist: need advice
  178. eye tips
  179. my own worst enemy
  180. Whats the diference between an asian an a caucasian eye?
  181. Recommendations for learning Typography?
  182. Landslides?
  183. ANDREW WYETH: The Transmission of Emotion
  184. super villain style
  185. Looking for a User's Sketchbook
  186. A clear definition
  187. I DO NOT HAVE A MANGA STYLE!!! (help?)
  188. Tips for beginner please?
  189. Meeting Lager than life heroes of the art world.
  190. How do you warm up???
  191. Physical Appearance tied to Personality Question
  192. Noob questions I have
  193. watercolor painting
  194. How do I draw forms instead of Outlines/ Contours
  195. Wheel of Time Audio Book Covers
  196. Studying Anatomy
  197. Frustrated
  198. What's your attitude toward you aspirations?
  199. Oil Pastels
  200. Painting Values from Life
  201. Getting started with environmental concepting
  202. where do you enjoy sketching?
  203. Does Bammes Deal with Gesture drawing?
  204. Drawing in the wild city
  205. forgot the name of this style of art-making
  206. Drawing hand position
  207. Back to foundations?
  208. recipes for slow drying mediums
  209. "Must-Haves" for Art Toolkit?
  210. How crazy is this?
  211. Who painted this?
  212. Stepping back and taking your image in?
  213. Where can I get a little stand up mirror for self portraits?
  214. Cartoon
  215. question about reversing your image
  216. Could anyone tell me the artist?
  217. Making your own sketchbook
  218. To the hobbyists: How much 'work' is art for you?
  219. How do you keep refrain from going overboard with a picture?
  220. A "MUST SEE" Website for All Artists!!!
  221. Mixing the right color.
  222. I'm aiming to be a character concept artist...but I'm young. What can I do right now?
  223. looking for tutorials on basic chapes and shading
  224. I cant have live drawing classes... Am I screwed?
  225. what is "CALL TO ART" ?
  226. What observations can you make of this Burne Jones drawing? (pencil)
  227. oracle deck design?
  228. Line Quality Problem
  229. Drawing a Tattoo- What should I know?
  230. entry level positions in the artworld...
  231. What is the Star Wars poster composition called?
  232. Is this book good for a beginer?"Drawing on the right side of the brain"
  233. Anatomical Models
  234. Tonal questions
  235. Drawing accurate midlines onto egg or golf ball
  236. sites with female models poses?
  237. Remedies for artist block
  238. how to sell art
  239. I need advice - anatomy book
  240. Unable to build library in head
  241. Useful threads I created
  242. Starting painter looking for helpful guide and/or tips
  243. hand questions
  244. Creature design can HAZ BRAINZ?
  245. A Blank State
  246. Style Change?
  247. Correct way to use kneaded eraser.
  248. painting over prints
  249. mad advice needed for painting on marble!!
  250. Starting concept art from a fine arts background