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  1. Chinese painters?
  2. Sealing Colored Pencil Drawings
  3. Paper for pastel painting
  4. Need advice on choosing subjects
  5. Proper term for "crushed blacks"?
  6. Enviroments (and a few small questions) - Could someone assist me?
  7. How do you inspired your self doing period pieces?
  8. Cheap but good or decent scanners
  9. improve on skin painting?
  10. Graphite study - quick question
  11. Storyboard recommendations?
  12. Printing Digital art
  13. Questions regarding studies
  14. tackling certain loomis demos?
  15. "Writers block"
  16. Best sketchbook for pencil drawings
  17. Pad size for figure drawing?
  18. How much to charge for use of artwork
  19. Artwork from Lukias Hollis
  20. This will be interesting...
  21. When you hate something you are working on ?
  22. What paper do I use?
  23. Looking for a good Drawing Workshop, DVD, or Tutorial
  24. photo shop help
  25. i needs help...oils
  26. Reference Library Organisation
  27. Computer help
  28. Ripples Anyone?
  29. Help me find a specific painting please
  30. Help School Project
  31. How do I draw like this guy?
  32. Guernica sketches online?
  33. Journey of 1,000 artworks begin with a single artwork
  34. The Curse of Cartoon
  35. Any advice on figure painting (oil on canvas)
  36. Being Screwed over for making a living.
  37. page preset?
  38. Proportion help?
  39. Traditional Drawing?
  40. painting live at club, would appreciate advice
  41. Living Life in order to Paint it
  42. Senior Project
  43. Moonlight Reference
  44. Newbie Artist Questions
  45. monitor problems?
  46. Trying to find What Inspires me
  47. Beginners Issues
  48. The worst art instruction you ever got
  49. "Perceptual shifts" during art education
  50. Books on Cartooing?
  51. Hmm delete please
  52. Formula for Mathematical Perspective?
  53. Concept artist - is it a solid career?
  54. Advice on anatomy and character design
  55. Going in Circles...
  56. How do you stop tweaking things??
  57. searching for teachers
  58. Should I pull a 'DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING'? (noob here)
  59. Sai Paint Tool, my glowing savior.
  60. Preparing your admissions portfolio? Want some moral support and advice? Click here!
  61. Proportions, Life and Everything
  62. Freelance or education?
  63. Knowledge Before College?
  64. Crash course on concept artists
  65. What motivates you?
  66. Leyendecker vs. Rockwell
  67. Canvas Printing
  68. what resolution or drawing size do you guys draw at?
  69. Hmm
  70. Plan of Attack ?
  71. what do they want wehn they ask for rhythmic form and stasis?
  72. Tips for painting in a museum
  73. On Relative Dominance From "Art Fundamentals"
  74. Film Noir
  75. digital scanners
  76. I have my 1st interview for a Concept Artist: What should I expect?
  77. Self-Teaching Lesson Plans?
  78. Face in 3 point perspective
  79. Need some help with creating skin tones in acrylic
  80. Constructive drawings
  81. Practices to improve figure drawing from imagination
  82. How to Know If Your Creative Project Is Feasible
  83. Need some help choosing a laptop.
  84. Painting Faces
  85. How to finish, do the killer move
  86. Tilted cubes
  87. Concept Art of Interiors
  88. About Tracing
  89. Pricing on caricatures?
  90. Pierrick Allemand
  91. Drawin/sketching books.
  92. Discover the world of Tingatinga Art
  93. what Antonio Gaudi means to me
  94. Cast Drawing for animators (gesture and sctructural)
  95. realworld handmade creature objects
  96. Does Anyone Have Any Tips for Creating Flowery/Victorian Designs?
  97. What kind of table should i be looking for?
  98. Let's talk about good art instruction
  99. Scanned images 'scrunched'?
  100. Keeping symmetrical features in check
  101. Any examples of light and shade on basic shapes?
  102. What is an Axial Projection ?
  103. Nid encouragement!
  104. digital drawing tips
  105. Comics working size (which is best?)
  106. adding code to a picture
  107. By whom this is it?
  108. Chile earchquake inspiration
  109. Technical Skill vs Ideas
  110. Christine Comyn, Giclée, prints, and her style.
  111. Watercolor pencils
  112. Trying to motivate others with your passion.
  113. James Gurney on The Color Wheel
  114. In need of info please? ^^;
  115. Looking for a Large Scale Printer
  116. Creative Commons Licenses and Legal Rights as the Author...
  117. Oil painting seems impossibly difficult, help please
  118. What are some Good Heavy Line Weight Pens?
  119. help with the inking materials for comics
  120. Art for family.
  121. Bridgeman Help Please
  122. Public Pastel Demonstration in Central Florida
  123. What is creativity and how can I develop/practice it?
  124. Interview with Discworld Illustrator, Paul Kidby
  125. "Project Gustav" - New painting/drawing application
  126. International Artist Residencies, Budapest, Hungary 2010
  127. In Need of More Advice.
  128. My game design student is devastated, please help!
  129. Center/side placing of points of interest?
  130. arm references
  131. Where to start - soliciting advice on where/how to start a project
  132. Negotiating fees
  133. Hair Drawing Tutorials
  134. Can someone identify this artist?
  135. Please help me my moniter is mess'n w/ my presintation
  136. What is the best way to move traditional artwork to your computer?
  137. Resources for people hoping to become storyboard artists.
  138. Visiting/transfer student, parsons, fine art
  139. Getting stuck on a piece
  140. A book for landscapes?
  141. 7 original comic pages from Frank Frazetta
  142. What's a good textbook?
  143. Do I Need To Take A Figure Drawing Class?
  144. How do I start?
  145. noob sculpture. what place do I have...? where to start?
  146. Brush Stroke Problem with Edges, Blending and Opacity
  147. Fashion Design
  148. What format is concept art usually in?
  149. what's ur drawing method and how to get the proportions correct :)
  150. Graphics and Illustration...Double-Major? I need some advice guys!
  151. About Inking
  152. Genius pentablet starts to blink
  153. The Artist Workspace - What's Yours Look Like?
  154. Problem with Value and Contrast?
  155. Suggestion for Printer (Please move to Off-Topic)
  156. Lightboxes: Testrite or Porta-Trace?
  157. copywrite question
  158. Anatomy Books..which one
  159. My tablet makes me feel like a half retarded monkey. (frustration ensues)
  160. My turn to ask for help.
  161. Options for card designing websites
  162. keeping it tiny - finding 'resolution' in a thumbnail?
  163. 'Critique not desired' - your opinions.
  164. microsoft-paint is the new art form
  165. Watercolor Paper Weight
  166. A question about learning progression
  167. Using Reference/creating your own image and lightining
  168. Lighting Characters from Firelight
  169. What programs do they use to make these renders? Urban architecture.
  170. Samsonreaper and Jaime's brushes
  171. Need to upgrade to COMPUTER TABLET!
  172. Can someone tell me how hard it is to be a concept artist?
  173. Studying Chart EPIC PROCRASTINATION - Warning Large Image
  174. Music + Art what do you listen too while painting,, drawing or the like
  175. Who did this painting?
  176. life drawing advice
  177. What is "block form"?
  178. Canvas prints?
  179. Career Fork Roads
  180. Martian/alien anatomy
  181. self taught artists, college, and finding a job?
  182. Looking for ideas and inspiration for environment concept arts.
  183. Money for Your Art/Comic Project: Anyone Heard of Kickstarter?
  184. Ingres and Delacroix
  185. Help Downloading Adobe Flash
  186. Choosing the right (art) career
  187. Creating and colouring environments
  188. The Brush Thread
  189. The Reilly Method compared to Vilppu
  190. Forgetting The Fear of Forgetting
  191. Where on earth do I start?
  192. CEZANNE
  193. The usage of Sfumato and Chiaroscuro in painting
  194. Color matching tool
  195. Help where do I buy Plaster Casts
  196. Concept artist help...
  197. Observations from art schools. Somewhat rambling.
  198. The Getty da Vinci and Gerome
  199. How can I learn a character design style?
  200. An interesting view of pen and ink in Japan...
  201. 2 Years On - Wannabe Comic Artist (Almost Finished College)
  202. Line Weight exercises?
  203. Am I too paranoid? (Freelance Contract/ IP/ Copyright issue)
  204. Am I a bad artist?
  205. What's an Artist suppose to do in my situation?
  206. Basing characters on real life famous people
  207. Is a degree a must?
  208. Color theory: how to choose adequate colors?
  209. Non Toxic Oil Painting?
  210. Flash CS4
  211. Advice for those having trouble with motivation and enjoying what they do.
  212. Resolved - thank you
  213. Dead ends-Feeling kind of blue.
  214. How to draw or paint a person who is constantly shifting about?
  215. Looking for direction
  216. Issues with Pencil Control
  217. How to get a portrait posted for critique?
  218. Problems with a Reilly method painting book
  219. Improving line and control using a tablet
  220. what motivates/motivated you to get good at art?
  221. Cheap markers for Europeans!
  222. How to start a painting / drawing
  223. colored pencil using solvent
  224. Need some thoughts, drawing using virtual models
  225. The perfect kiln to purchase?
  226. I thought this was very useful way to lay down perspective grid
  227. Personal RANT - Caution Generation Gap Comments
  228. what kind
  229. Adobe Illustrator?
  230. What's the best Auto-tracing vector program?
  231. mouth references
  232. What do you think is the difference between drawing loose and messy?
  233. Why is my Gouache going on so streaky?
  234. Learning stroke economy (also, good nature painting books?)
  235. Playing a stringed instrument.
  236. A gesture tip and nice altertanive to posemaniacs
  237. What is the word for.......
  238. summer portraits
  239. A Good Portfolio Site?
  240. Podcast interviews with Concept Art artists
  241. Looking for specific learning material.
  242. Help me find my perfect art related job
  243. Grasping Hand
  244. Molding & Casting
  245. Loomis Downloads
  246. Archiving Your work
  247. Art Theft in progress!
  248. Need help with coloring/shading digitally.
  249. Question about edges are they darker?
  250. Having a rather annoying problem