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  1. Surprise!
  2. Gouache glazing?
  3. Doing a foggy background in acrylic?
  4. film concept art
  5. drawing from life in perspective help
  6. Anatomy model
  7. Putting your website's URL over your artwork
  8. Using Pen and brown ink/wash
  9. What's the cheapest way to buy picture frames?
  10. Amusing job request
  11. proportions for angled view?
  12. working on watercolor paper
  13. BP Portrait Awards
  14. got some words anyone??...
  15. What style/material is this? [Sam and Max poster]
  16. tutorials on using contruction lines?
  17. wtf is "form"???
  18. Disney buys Marvel
  19. any ideas on ho to become better at drawing wings
  20. Creatively Applying Skills
  21. "Am I good enough for the industry" and other such questions!
  22. Take Yourself on an Artist Date
  23. pc labtop are mac book prow?
  24. A budget start to figure drawing?
  25. Advice, should quit this independant concept gig?
  26. Photoshop or Illustrator? Which do you use?
  27. Art on the go...
  28. Is this color-blindness?
  29. Does it ever start to feel like great art isn't drawn?
  30. oil paint becoming sticky......
  31. Does anybody fill their own paint tubes?
  32. Returning to Art, Where is the Motivation?
  33. Digital virgin!
  34. Pricing for private vs commerical images
  35. good paint or good skill
  36. Can Drawing Pay the Bills?
  37. Implied lines
  38. Painting a LARGE Mural in Photoshop. First Paid Position: Need Help!
  39. Who painted this?
  40. when photoshop/corel crash unepectedly how do you usually console yourself
  41. Model Sheets from G.I. Joe
  42. liquin and retouch varnish
  43. Monitor for digital Painting
  44. pen and brown ink??
  45. Mystery artist - class project
  46. Shadows and saturation
  47. Pencil sharpening
  48. What are they looking for?
  49. john howe
  50. Please I need help with finding author
  51. Who Is Your Role Model ??
  52. Foreigner in China needs art supplies, pls send help
  53. Do professional artists use references?
  54. I was thinking....What if?
  55. How should I go about mailing a pastel drawing?
  56. Pre-order a (signed) copy of James Gurney's new book!
  57. Your DOWNTIME Affects Where You End Up IN TIME
  58. Question on Loomis's head construction method
  59. Portrait Studies
  60. Why do you draw?
  61. List of tutorials
  62. recommended drafting chair and table
  63. Color theory and application
  64. How do you discover your own art style?
  65. Are there any jobs for artists that are not freelance?
  66. Colored pencil illustrations for comic book covers?
  67. Using Posemaniacs offline?
  68. 3D Animation diploma... But no 3D skills
  69. Good Drawing Books
  70. Using Color Effectively & Critiquing
  71. Where's Seedling?
  72. Anyone else going to be at Art Out Loud this Sat?
  73. Starting An Art Club!
  74. What do you do in your SPARE time?
  75. Considering Concept Art Atelier School...
  76. Exodyssey party
  77. Does anyone have experience with speedball pens?
  78. How do you shade like this?
  79. Need help with Uni summer projects please help!
  80. Whether to go digital
  81. Crosshatching conundrum
  82. The Lie Part II
  83. Self-education and the concept art career
  84. Getting Started
  85. A good prog on Scottish art
  86. techniques on how to illisustrate and capture movement?
  87. Hi, stiffness in drawing?
  88. Wall Street Journal on Classical Realism
  89. combining realistic technique and imaginative ideas
  90. Adobe rips people off! (QQ thread)
  91. Buying Skull Model?
  92. Identify these artists?
  93. Research paper on digital painting
  94. Shading
  95. Gouache fundamentals
  96. Environment Stock Photographer?
  97. The Great Contemporary Art Bubble
  98. What tools do you all recommend?
  99. How much life drawing is avaliable?
  100. Asaro Head... Asaro Figure...?
  101. please just an honest answer.
  102. Some doubts.
  103. Neil Rauch? Painter/Illustrator Can't find info or website on him.
  104. Need help in knowing where to start drawing realistically again
  105. croquis drawing class or painting class?
  106. How do you know if you're being taken advantage of?
  107. Posemaniacs for Character Design
  108. Drawing with the whole arm versus a small tablet
  109. Commissioned art contracts from an employer perspective?
  110. Damn, I can't draw from imagination anymore!
  111. Crazy online tool
  112. My link to Loomis books doesn;t work. Anyone have another source
  113. Tablet usage question
  114. How you add colour?
  115. Bridgman cramping my style?
  116. teaching digital painting?
  117. Ways to create or repair Consistent Lighting in a Scene
  118. How do you clean varnish brushes?
  119. Daily Exercises
  120. Question for Calarts students
  121. how the FUCK did Bougeureau pull this light off?
  122. Figure Drawing for Dummies?
  123. B/W tonal underpainting
  124. Seperation of work and practice?
  125. Who did the artwork for In The Mouth of Madness?
  126. Eggs In Perspective - I want to draw them and then i will eat my drawings for fuel
  127. Concept help
  128. Life drawing classes in Melbourne AUS... good/bad
  129. line in realistic painting.
  130. What helps you loosen up before you draw? ( the best drawing warmups)
  131. Digital Sketchbook
  132. Hounding a client for payment- Why do I feel like the bad guy?
  133. Statistics supporting arts education? Statistics supporting art?
  134. Anyone heard of Hireanillustrator.com?
  135. Art degree...check...what next?
  136. Oil primed canvas vs. Acrylic primed canvas
  137. CG Artist Television Launches: Tons of videos!
  138. Merging Mediums
  139. Need some information.
  140. Wanna start drawing the human figure
  141. What you believe ART is.
  142. James Gurney analyzes composition
  143. Atlas of Human anatomy
  144. Does anyone know this artist?
  145. Post your Step by Steps
  146. Artists with RSI
  147. professional cheaters setting the bar too high
  148. new painter
  149. Portrait Photos
  150. Old Masters and the Renaissance
  151. a question about developing hand coodination
  152. Question about Michael Kormarck
  153. The revival of Representational Art and the Entertainment Industry
  154. Worst famous painter
  155. How to push Character Design?
  156. Tangents?
  157. What are the different forms of drawing/painting arts?
  158. Art talent limited to certain areas?
  159. complicated perspective drawing
  160. figure drawing instructor dislikes hogarth
  161. On the loss of traditional technique... two hundred years ago.
  162. Drawing Faces, Body's and more from different pose's - But how?
  163. Sargent's and J.C.'S Methodology
  164. newsprint?
  165. Questions regarding color mixing
  166. Closing one eye
  167. Frank Reilly on Chroma
  168. When great artists claim they suck.
  169. Literacy Narrative; IN SEVERE need of help.
  170. Photographing Your Art?
  171. Justin Sweet Interview
  172. How does 3D animation work?
  173. simple question on highlights
  174. painting first in greyscale?
  175. Searching for Sculpture
  176. Most awesome artist
  177. Transitioning from real media to photoshop?
  178. The Spiritual Artist, and bright colors...
  179. Should I learn Flash/XML?
  180. One-hit-wonder pre-raphaelite?
  181. Need help trying to find something anatomical to sketch for my sketchbook thread.
  182. Character Design Group (ARC Student Resource)
  183. Attaining good flow in hand construction?
  184. Looking for a few books; need suggestions please
  185. Current Art Pricing According to Ebay
  186. Interpreting films
  187. Price Check for Brochure Art
  188. line weight to indicate volume
  189. Looking for a site
  190. Where is this Andy Kubert X-Men art from [circa 1992]?
  191. Bridgman's complete guide to -
  192. Big sale: what should i buy?
  193. help in pricing art!
  194. Darrel Tank's method
  195. master studies
  196. Kick Me!
  197. Art Contracts?
  198. Classic Human Anatomy
  199. Need Help Identifying Artist
  200. painting versus picture
  201. Posable 3d muscle and skeleton models?
  202. any scanner recommendations?
  203. Clarifying a few things
  204. Beginner artist - could use some advice on the basics
  205. Beating a dead horse: Thoughts on reference, tracing, etc
  206. Iím new ambitious and I have no idea.
  207. Being an artistic polymath
  208. Scripting and Concept Art
  209. looking for human references shot from high/low...
  210. Talent or will
  211. Tips on drawing hair and folds?
  212. Drawing in layers with paper pencil an a light board?
  213. A good book on color theory, anyone?
  214. Awaken this resilient discouraged artist.
  215. how to use Unnatural colours?
  216. color problems
  217. Microsoft developing the digital sketchbook!(?)
  218. How to manke acrylic paint dry slower.
  219. HElp me...I got to get some stuff up!!!
  220. Watercolor book recommendations
  221. value correcting question
  222. In need of 3D help, some communities suggestions?
  223. I'm a little confused.. muscle, genetics or skeleton?
  224. Help with value or something else
  225. Wondering on old pen drawing techniques
  226. creating my own work
  227. Question about print size and selling prints of your art
  228. Artists with similar names.
  229. Freaking out when it comes to illustration work
  230. Question on Velasquez's approach
  231. general guidance?
  232. Freedom of teach anatomical figure
  233. How to correctly establish ellipses using Loomis head construction?
  234. Looking for some reading material on light
  235. Short Muscle, Long Muscle?
  236. Im stuck between digital and traditional...
  237. Would anyone care to help a novice with a perspective drawing of a blade?
  238. Questions on self portraits
  239. Going to art school, why or why didnt you?
  240. Workshop with artist DARWYN COOKE in Toronto
  241. Best non-life source
  242. Best art and illustration podcasts
  243. Bridgman's Cube Model
  244. Rules of the Draw (Help me please)
  245. The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics
  246. Good Resource for Mattes for painting over.
  247. Need the basics
  248. Way around terpene oil?
  249. The Dorm Studio
  250. How can i develop my style ? ( I draw exactly like Shinkawa :( )