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  1. Paint Shop Pro X and Anime Studio 5 - Free
  2. Do diffferent drawing methods matter?
  3. What on earth is this muscle group?
  4. How to get a Sketchbook Printed?
  5. Use of the term 'Modern Art'.
  6. True or False (Lighting and colour) (12/25/09 Post #9: New question)
  7. My latest acquisitions
  8. Concept Art :: Planning a Piece While Maintaining Fluidity
  9. Plastic Film Overlay--? Airbrush? What is this?
  10. Carrying a sketchbook
  11. Tonal Painting (first post)
  12. Advice on how to start improving my art?
  13. Transferring pencil from tracing paper to an acrylic ground?
  14. Newbie's question
  15. surreal/fantasy art? ?
  16. Art student in need of Help for class
  17. Life/Figure Drawing... one problem
  18. Poser/3D Models. Serviceable as a way to solve problems?
  19. head proportions
  20. Options for art
  21. Dealing with Block
  22. Finding a Style and other things related.
  23. Mirror's Edge concept artist
  24. Why am I angry???
  25. why can't i find 8 heads high
  26. Oil Painting Techniques.
  27. Speedlines, again.
  28. Thinking of getting this printer, suggestions?
  29. 7th grade Confidence?
  30. present for my arm
  31. Questions about Airbrush Sets: what is best?
  32. I Like to know the artist of this painting
  33. Drawing the Unseen(Wind)
  34. Drawing with an Unsteady Hand
  35. I'm a beginner, I don't know how to start ^^;
  36. baby head
  37. R. Phoenix The Structure of Color reviews?/Color theory learning for beginner?
  38. What pencils should I get?
  39. Great Works
  40. sketchbooks.. how do yours work?
  41. What are YOUR goals?
  42. How to not give up
  43. Album Cover Commission - first post/photoshop noob
  44. Cheapest way to get Acrylic Paint on something?
  45. How do you resize images to upload them to your sketchbook?
  46. On the Path of improvement
  47. I need to know more about an artist named John LeMon
  48. Stanley Spencer
  49. So what do you do for a living?
  50. problem with studies
  51. Big Monitors VS Multiple Smaller Monitors
  52. i dont want to draw cartoons! but I do
  53. From Digital to Paper
  54. digital screentone
  55. Perspective Question
  56. Looking for a Professional Illustrator/Concept Designer!
  57. Help for Artists and Designers Without Health Insurance
  58. Quick question about prismacolor charcoal pencils
  59. Self-Portraits from a Mirror
  60. Safe to post graphic novel pages before publishing?
  61. Motion
  62. need animal anatomies book
  63. Brushes looks! [Serious help]
  64. The Human Figure in 3-Point Perspective
  65. Moleskine sketchbooks
  66. when drawing people on the go
  67. how to draw "Disney" style?
  68. Whose sketches/illustrations are these? (this time no painting found on the attic)
  69. Visit Theory Studio in Salem, MA
  70. Art Blockkkk
  71. Inconvenient Problem
  72. When someone asks for art thoughts and rams you for it
  73. Watercolor prodigy boy (Daily Mail - UK)
  74. Starting Over
  75. help on finding an ebook
  76. who's into steampunk?
  77. Inspirational films about artists.
  78. Art History - What to look for. [Noob]
  79. Materials Question- Harold Speed
  80. What is the difference between Concept Art / Illustration & Fine Art
  81. Very small question about Flash
  82. Character Sheets
  83. Characters at different heights
  84. How can i draw smaller ?
  85. Topic: Is "grit" the number one factor in becoming a good artist?
  86. Favorite sketchbook?
  87. Designing competition
  88. making a Model Board (Say what?)
  89. Munsel color scheme
  90. Is Fast Drawing and No Long, Detailed, Renderings a bad habit?
  91. Regarding art talent
  92. Anywhere you can buy intuos4 cables/leads?
  93. Videos of artists using ink?
  94. I don't know how to use Bridgman books.
  95. Vide Game Special FX Question!
  96. Help on pricing for a restaurant commission! HELP
  97. I would like to draw like Jhonen vasquez
  98. JoomCool My Hero Challenge
  99. i am looking for a watercolor set
  100. Got some drawing/art related questions, anyone mind helping?
  101. Ebay and Pricing...
  102. Harry Clarke's Illustrations for "Fairy Tales"
  103. New Polish Nude Photography
  104. questions about pop art?
  105. How about a reality-tv competition for visual artists?
  106. Precision Drawing with Oil Pastels
  107. problem with brushes.........
  108. is their a decent site for selling posters of my art?
  109. color questions
  110. photoshop opacity.. what is it really?
  111. What do you think art is
  112. Learning to paint in colour?
  113. Perspective help
  114. character artist without nude life drawing
  115. digital painting zoom
  116. Questin about this website.......http://www.mikimottes.com/
  117. looking for a new sketchbook
  118. Unconfident Artist
  119. Messy Sketches
  120. Researching themes for concept art
  121. Angles problem
  122. silhouette or Linework?
  123. Are my methods as correct as needed
  124. What are some of the best art universities out there?
  125. Are my reasons enough as is needed to do art.
  126. Can you say bad ass.........?
  127. building a foundation
  128. Unofficial drawing assignment thread?
  129. Screen Printing?
  130. exercising the imagination
  131. Your private sketchbooks
  132. Local Workshops/Figure Drawing Workshops in LA?
  133. Batteries Recharged
  134. simple perspective ruler
  135. Anatomy Question
  136. Getting Started in the Art Industry... some questions
  137. Grand Central Academy: Day 1 of 5
  138. help for skin tones
  139. Where to start with environment design?
  140. How did she achieve this?!
  141. Axiotron Modbook?
  142. Print on Demand for Comic Books?
  143. Water reflection ripple help
  144. draw what you see vs analyzing
  145. I'm kind of a noob at drawing--where do I start?
  146. Having some trouble with hair
  147. Looking for a good place to get business cards...
  148. Looking for books filled with figure sketches
  149. About visual memory limits.
  150. Drawing the Head and Hands - Andrew Loomis
  151. Does Walt Stanchfield's "Gesture" PDF have the same content as "Drawn to Life"?
  152. ivory black (or black)
  153. This fourm is dead
  154. 8 Ways to Get New Ideas
  155. 8 Ways to Get New Ideas
  156. How to prepare Bristol Board for Oil Painting?
  157. Looking for Advise on Freelancing
  158. color?!?!
  159. would like help and tips from fellow artists.
  160. watercolor questions
  161. How much planning do you put into a comic?
  162. Who Made This Piece?!
  163. What program do YOU use?
  164. good educational material on light and shading
  165. Looking For Winslow Homer Images
  166. absolutely no art instruction
  167. Good paint to use for murals?
  168. When you guys draw, do you...
  169. Flip Book - Anyone used it?
  170. Life Drawing classes really important?
  171. Buying a scanner!
  172. 50's Art Help
  173. In house Illustrator jobs other than Concept Artist?
  174. Caricature?
  175. Recommended Traditional Drawing Supplies for TRAVEL
  176. Black, white & grey
  177. loomis: figure in perspective? help
  178. Orginal Concept Art from Disney Movies such as Up, Cars etc!
  179. tips on drawing in extreme perspective?
  180. How to deal with pain when drawing
  181. RPG plagiarism?
  182. What should i be focusing on and in what order?
  183. When does a painting look finished?
  184. Questions regarding lines
  185. Great fantasy art and design in LOTR and Narnia
  186. State of the Game? Getting into today's game industry
  187. Design question
  188. Memory in drawing from observation.
  189. I'm rusty and it hurts
  190. Prop concept artist?
  191. what colors to mix skin tone for water color
  192. Some questions on digital painting
  193. Amazing stuff !!!!!!!
  194. Photography is a lie
  195. Character Design?
  196. Where do I stand and how can I improve?
  197. Why does eveyone hate Burne Hogarth?
  198. mood in drawing
  199. A discussion about figure drawing I had.
  200. Dull and uninteresting concept design?
  201. Traditional animation
  202. Sketchbooks: Moleskine, Cachet, grey paper etc.
  203. feedback on drawing approach
  204. My art is flat/ adding motion
  205. Question about being a crappy artist..
  206. Quick Question on Bridgmen Books?
  207. I drew nothing in 2+ hours.
  208. Creativity and where it comes from
  209. Commission etiquette
  210. What is this tool?
  211. Problems when painting an outdoor scene
  212. Why are just pencillers called artists?
  213. Looking at a piece of Diablo 3 art - how is this created?
  214. publishing a graphic novel
  215. What do street artist use?
  216. What programs should I get?
  217. George Bridgeman's "Drawing the Female Form"
  218. Photography to dig on
  219. "It's not good enough" - Getting over myself and just drawing?
  220. Are cannon fodders easier to design?
  221. Directory to sell art?
  222. Want my work in solo exhibitons, how can I get there?
  223. Masonite Backing
  224. Best website style for artists
  225. perspective with vanishing point off the page
  226. What can help me put my imagination on paper (sort to speak)?
  227. George Inness
  228. Can This Style Be Successful
  229. The Vilppu Guidance Thread
  230. Is Painting a still form of theatre?
  231. Looking for Resources on How to Price Artwork
  232. Gouache illustrators worth looking at?
  233. The best learning tool?
  234. Character Artist
  235. Future of comic strips-- what direction to go
  236. How/Where you store your finished works?
  237. Why no Andrew Loomis: the life and art?
  238. The Artistic Analogues to Prominent Musicians (primarily guitarists)
  239. Artist A Day [Daily Updates] 4/9/09
  240. The Appreciation of the Masculine Form Thread [nsfw]
  241. The Appreciation of the Feminine Form Thread [nsfw]
  242. Art History 101
  243. To cold call or not...?
  244. Lets Cheer for Claude Robinson !!!
  245. Make a living selling your own independent art books or comics?
  246. How do i draw tree leaves in charcoal?
  247. IllustStudio new art program, Photoshop, Opencanvas, SAI... all in one!
  248. In Search of Greg Capullo's Krash Course
  249. working with house paint
  250. Digital Art Prints