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  1. Senior Game Animator
  2. Cinematic Game Artist
  3. Game Artist: Character/Environmental Generalist Artist
  4. Projekt Maelstrom Publishing is looking in house artists
  5. Full Time CONTRACT concept artists needed at BioWare Austin (TX)
  6. Star Trek Online Looking for Concept Artists
  7. Perpetual Entertainment
  8. fulltime telecommute - storyboard/concept artists
  9. NCsoft seeks various Concept Artists!
  10. Wanted - Overseas Animation Supervisor
  11. Overseas Animation Supervisor
  12. Crystal Dynamics is seeking a talented Marketing Illustrator (redwood city)
  13. Overseas Animation Supervisor
  14. EAMythic - We’re aggressively looking to hire a Concept Artist in our Fairfax, VA St
  15. Massive Black: Experienced 3D Art Director- *includes international travel
  16. Concept/ Pitching Artist required for Games Company
  17. Blizzard Entertainment: User Interface Artist
  18. Blizzard Entertainment: 3D Character/Weapon Artist
  19. Blizzard Entertainment: Environment Texture Artist
  20. Blizzard Entertainment: 3D Environment Artist
  21. Blizzard Entertainment: Lead 3D Character Artist
  22. Blizzard Entertainment: Cinematic Matte Painter
  23. Blizzard Entertainment: Cinematic Story Artist
  24. Senior/Lead Concept Artist - London
  25. Concept Artists needed for next-gen Aliens game at Gearbox! (Full-time or Contract)
  26. Eximion looking for Modelers, Animators and 2D Artists
  27. Childrens show concept artist
  28. Junior and experienced Games designers for Climax UK
  29. Lead Artist - Cliamx UK
  30. SFX Artist - Climax UK
  31. Graduate/ trainee 3D artists for Next gen FPs
  32. Character Modelers and interns needed at Namco
  33. Mass recruitment for feature animated film
  34. PAID 2D Sprite Artists/ Superhuman “Heroes” Wanted
  35. Art Director - Backbone Vancouver
  36. Epic Games-- Concept artist needed
  37. Massive Black Shanghai: 美国无极黑上海代表处招聘概念艺术人才
  38. Seeking Concept Artists for NetDevil
  39. Flagship Studios Seeks Texture Artist
  40. Flagship Studios Seeks Concept Artist
  41. 38 Studios Seeks Concept Artist
  42. Activision/Toys for Bob - NOW HIRING for Concept Artist Position
  43. Big Huge Games - Concept Artist Position
  44. Big Huge Games - Lead Character Artist
  45. Big Huge Games - Lead Animator
  46. Lead Artist for gothic/noir sci-fi series - Artificial Studios
  47. Big Huge Games – User Interface Artist
  48. Big Huge Games - 3D Artist
  49. Carbine Studios Seeking Concept Artist
  50. Bungie Seeks Skybox/Matte Painting Artist
  51. Bungie Seeks Concept Artist
  52. Massive Black has two internships available in Video Editing..YES..Paid.
  53. Deep Silver Vienna hiring Concept Artist
  54. Trion World Network Seeks Concept Artist
  55. Blue Castle Games (Vancouver) - Senior Concept Artist
  56. United State Mint seeks HIGH END Digital Sculptor
  57. Nihilistic Software Seeks Concept Artist/Painter
  58. Nihilistic seeks Artist-Senior Modeler
  59. Uk developer Bizarre Creations seeks concept artist
  60. Spoing Interactive Media is hiring a Senior 3D Artist / Lead Artist
  61. Sproing Interactive Media is hiring a Senior 3D Artist/ Lead Artist
  62. Visual Artists/Web Designers Needed
  63. Paid Concept Artist Internship
  64. TimeGate Studio seeks full time Concept Artist
  65. n-Space is hiring -Orlando, FL
  66. Doublesix (Guildford, UK) – Senior 2D Artist
  67. Realtime Worlds Seeks Concept and Cut and Scenes Artist
  68. on staff concept artist
  69. Full time Concept artist. at Artistic Image
  70. 2D Artists (MMO Demo)
  71. Full time Concept artist at Artistic Image
  72. Biodroid (Lisbon, PT) - 2D Artist
  73. Biodroid (Lisbon, PT) - 3D Artist
  74. Concept Artist - Slant Six Games
  75. Full time Concept Artists at Splash Damage, London, UK
  76. Storyboard/Concept Artist Opening at ILM
  77. Vizual FX Studios Seeking Concept Artists
  78. Best-selling racing title - talent needed immediately - on-site in Washington State
  79. Microsoft Gaming Studios Looking for a Senior Artist
  80. Microsoft Gaming Studios is looking for an Art Director
  81. New Dallas Animation Studio
  82. Sparkplay Media Hiring 2d/Concept (San Francisco)
  83. Black Rock Studio: LEAD PRESENTATION / UI Artist
  84. Black Rock Studio: Concept Artist
  85. Black Rock Studio: Lead Technical Artist
  87. NetDevil - Full time - Matte Painter/Concept Artist.
  88. Senior VFX Artist
  89. Environmental Concept Artist - MMO [TimeGate Studios]
  90. Artist Position at Factor 5.
  91. Senior Concept Artist position @ Pandemic Studios, Australia
  92. Snowblind Studios is looking for a Full Time User Interface Artist
  93. HSC Labs, Inc: Concept Artist for MMORPG
  94. Trion World Network Hiring in California!
  95. NetDevil - Full time - Art Director.
  96. NetDevil - Full time - Graphic Designer/Artist.
  97. Big Huge Games seeks talented Concept Artist for an exciting, top-secret RPG!!
  98. Attention Employers: You Must Read This. This Means You.
  99. Heatwave Interactive is hiring a Studio Concept Artist
  100. Environment Concept Artist @ Starbreeze Studios
  101. EUROCOM Concept artist
  102. Ignition Entertainment is looking for a Senior 2D Environmental Concept Artist
  103. NetDevil - Full time - 3D CG Materials Artist
  104. NetDevil - Full time - 3D CG Visual Effects Artist
  105. blur studio: full-time storyboard artist
  106. Gravity Bear: full-time concept-oriented Art Director
  107. 2K Boston seeks Environment Concept Artist
  108. Studios Looking for 3D Modeler / Animator
  109. Realtime Worlds - Hiring - 2D UI Artist!!
  110. Sony PlayStation: Staff Concept Artist
  111. pixelStorm (Canada) - full-time concept artist/painter
  112. Conceptart.Org is hiring a full-time video editor/camera operator 4 the CA downloads
  113. full time painter/designer
  114. question for the artist
  115. id software-Environmental Artist
  116. Universal Parks & Resorts Media Intern--Orlando, FL
  117. 3D Environment Artists for Triple A Title! (Mass Effect)
  118. Sony Playstation - God of War - Combat Designer - Santa Monica, CA
  119. Unpaid Interns
  120. Senior Technical Artist - AAA titles
  121. Lead Artist - AAA titles
  122. Full Sail University Seeks Full Time 2D Animator
  123. Open Position Announcement - New Position - Chair of Game Art
  124. WANTED - Manga Artist
  125. Interplay:Concept Artist
  126. Concept Artists & Painters
  127. Illustrator/Designer in Tacoma, WA
  128. Art Director position at Playdom
  129. independent studio hiring animators
  130. 3D Environment Concept Artist
  131. Art Director - Ubisoft Paris Studio
  132. Art Director - SEATTLE, WA
  133. Illustrator / Concept Artist / Chara-designer~~3D ZBrush Character Ar--Shanghai,china
  134. ILLUSTRATOR/ARTIST needed for Game Development Company - SYD AUS
  135. Art Director
  136. Concept Artist/Matte Painter
  137. Concept Artist (Santa Clara, CA - Namco Bandai Games America)
  138. Lead 2D Digital Artist : SocialMoray in San Francisco
  139. Concept Art Vacancy!
  140. Senior Character Artist at HARMONIX MUSIC SYSTEMS
  141. Riot Games seeks talented Art Director
  142. Riot Games seeks talented Senior Technical Artist
  143. Riot Games seeks Talented VFX artist
  144. Creative 3D Artist
  145. UI Artist / Motion Designer
  146. Illustrator / Concept Artist / Chara-designer
  147. Matte Painter / Compositing
  148. Seeking Fearless Artists- Fulltime & Freelance
  149. Microsoft's Project Natal Seeks Principal Concept Artist
  150. Concept Artists & Matte Painters ( iPhone / Facebook )
  151. High Five Games Seeks Art Director
  152. EAMontreal seeking concept artist for AAA 3rd Person Action IP!
  153. Lead Concept Artist - 2D
  154. Startup Studio in Phoenix AZ, Looking For Concept Artist
  155. 3D animation and art instructor needed
  156. Full Time 2D Cinematics and Character/Environment Concepter for Puzzle/RTS Hybrid!
  157. Art lead & 2d game artist needed for a social gaming company
  158. Ratrod Studio Inc – Looking for 3D Artists & Programmers
  159. 3D ANIMATOR needed!
  160. Gameloft Ibérica seeking for Game Designer SPORTS!
  161. Concept Artist at Gameloft - Auckland, New Zealand (Immediate Start)
  162. Privateer Press seeks lead concept artist
  163. Gameloft Shanghai : V.Game Creative 3D Artist
  164. Gameloft SHANGHAI / Illustrator / Concept Artist / Chara-designer
  165. 2d Artist
  166. WMS is hiring Principal and Core artists in Las Vegas
  167. Art Director - Respawn Entertainment
  168. Art Director - Respawn Entertainment
  169. Electronic Arts/Playfish Beijing office - looking for SNS Game Artist
  170. iPhone Game Artist
  171. Electronic Arts/Playfish Beijing office - looking for SNS Game Artist
  172. New Online Comic and Graphic novel Company is seeking to hire artists!
  173. Digital Domain seeks Concept Artists
  174. Ganz & Stock seeks Lead Artist for Germany
  175. Ganz & Stock seeks Art Producer for Germany
  176. Ganz & Stock seeks Game Designer for Germany
  177. 3D Packaging Artist
  178. Gameloft is seeking COVER ART DESIGNERS! (Madrid, Spain)
  179. Gameloft is seeking SPEED PAINTER! (Madrid, Spain)
  180. Framestore is looking for Concept Artists
  181. Graphic Designer - Gearbox Software
  182. Software Developer - MPC London
  183. PhD Research Fellow in ‘Social Media and the City, The Oslo School of Architecture
  184. Center Line - Raleigh, NC - Looking for Concept Artists
  185. 3D Technical Art Lead-GAMELOFT Shanghai
  186. Studio Art Lead -Gameloft Shanghai
  187. Comic Book Artist Needed!
  188. BioWare Austin - Cinematic Designers Needed ASAP
  189. Gameloft seeks 3D Artists (Madrid, Spain)
  190. Worldwide FX and Millennium Films are looking for a Lead Matte Painter
  191. Turtle Rock Studios is Hiring
  195. Gameloft New Zealand seeking for Concept Artist
  196. Looking for Animator
  197. Desperate need for colorist
  198. ead artist, fantasy/medieval 3D MMO, Glasgow Scotland, 3DS Max, Low Poly, iPhone/iPad
  199. Nickelodeon Studio is looking for Animatic Editor
  200. Florida Production Artist, Paid Intern
  201. Concept Artist- Kinect/Good Science/Microsoft- Redmond, WA
  202. Looking for fulltime vector artists in Krakow, Poland
  203. Full Time Comic Illustrator/Colorist
  204. Climax Studios, UK are looking to hire an Environment Concept Artist
  205. writer seeks artist
  206. Gameloft Singapore - Concept Artist / Chara-designer for casual-social games
  207. Jr. Concept Artist (kirkland) WA
  208. Ecko Entertainment - 3D ARTIST
  209. Full-time concept artist - Xaviant
  210. 2D Pixel Art Teacher
  211. Marc Eckō Entertainment is seeking a 3D Artist - New York, NY
  212. Full Time Pixel/Concept/2D Artist- Madison Wisconsin
  213. Art Lead for Kabam
  214. 2D Artist for Kabam
  215. Paradox Interactive looking for 2d artist
  216. Video game producer - gameloft madrid
  217. 3d packaging artist - gameloft madrid
  218. Concept artist - gameloft madrid
  219. 2d pixel artist - gameloft madrid
  220. 2D Artist in Los Angeles
  221. Technical Artist- Ghostly Studios
  222. 2D/3D generalist - Art Director - computer games, remote, part or full time
  223. [PAID] Illustrator for Games, full-time job (Europe)
  224. Senior 2D Character Artist - PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES - PopCap Games (Seattle)
  225. Concept Artist Jobs at MPC
  226. Character Artist - Torn Banner Studios
  227. Job offer: Looking for a Concept artist
  228. [Perm] Sci-Fi Senior Concept Artist
  229. UI Artists Wanted!
  230. GAMELOFT Romania, Cluj-Napoca Studio is hiring Game Producer
  231. Substantial Games (Beijing) – Seeking Art Director
  232. [Paid] Storyboard Artist for Mobile Game to start IMMEDIATELY (travel, room, board; S
  233. Lead UI Artist - AAA social game studio in Nova Scotia, Canada
  234. Blazing Griffin is hiring!
  235. Lead Concept Artist (Interactive Storyteller)
  236. Giant Sparrow (Santa Monica, CA, USA) Art Director
  237. Substantial Games (Beijing) – Lead Concept Artist
  238. Concept Artist (f/m)
  239. We are hiring a Senior 3D Artist (f/m)
  240. Outsource Manager (f/m)
  241. Senior Concept Artist - KABAM Austin
  242. Senior Lecturer: Digital Animation - University of Hertfordshire - £35,298 to £45,941
  243. Seeking Wicked Digital Illustrators
  244. Lead Concept Artist (Tablet Game Studio)
  245. YAGER seeks Concept Artist (f/m)
  246. 3D artist for Vancouver BC
  247. Sequential artists needed.
  248. Concept Artist - Eidos Montreal
  249. 2D Artist
  250. Empire Games looking for Senior Concept Artists to work on-site!