13thprotector's Album: My (computer) work
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My (computer) work

Just jumbles of what I will be doing in the near future, hopefully I can get done with a few comics and get a site set up to upload them.
  1. Drunk Mexican
  2. Rohland Greystone, Alum's son, yes there are a lot of these.
  3. 13th vs XIII
  4. 12protectors page 1
  5. 12protectors page 2
  6. I am the 13thprotector
  7. Dull Antler, Alum's Father
  8. Crest Greystone, the great decedent of Alum
  9. Anake Greystone, Alum's ancestor
  10. Auron Gyllus Hero of the world
  11. Alum Greystone the Earth protector
  12. 12protectors
  13. Z Wars Heroes
  14. misc1
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