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My Artworks
  1. Snake Drives In The Mist
  2. Explorer
  3. Hot Summer
  4. Meet
  5. The Abandonment of Gods Cover Art 1
  6. The Abandonment of Gods Cover Art 2
  7. Matsu, Lin Mo Niang
  8. Sacred Tree
  9. Lanyang Museum
  10. Enjoy Your Loneliness
  11. Flying Dragon in the sky
  12. Garmin Garage
  13. Garmin Garage
  14. <The Last Stand> 
Fight for your goal. Never retreat. Never surrender.
  15. <Hope> 
The night is always darkest just before the dawn. 
Things were always going to have to get worse before they got better. 
Pray for Japan...
  16. Iceblue
  17. Aggression
  18. <Dark god-Ashura> 
One of the clans in heaven originally. 
Greedy people keep destroying the environment,even getting heaven involved. 
After seeing...
  19. <Northland Nightingale - Angela> 
Angela,being known as northland Nightingale,with excellent medical skill,bright smile and the sound from heaven...
  20. <Good and Evil> 
There are two sides to one coin. 
All the contradictions come from the constantly pulling the rope at the both end between good and...
  21. Wu Lao Peak
  22. Lunar Ancient Castle
  23. Greedy Frog
  24. The head of the milatary
  25. Master
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