Techs's Album: Elves and Draier Consepts
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Elves and Draier Consepts

A bit of my Elf and Draier Concepts, for my Books
  1. Now I did a lot of research to make this, I'm actually working on a species study of my Draiers, I looked up a lot of different animals and studied...
  2. A line art concept for a new elf in my second book 
His name is Wa
  3. This is the flats for the Wa Character
  4. A piece I did for a friend, that inspired Werm 
It's Werm and Rivertail Seeking shelter from the snow
  5. The main Character of my first book Rivertail, his name is Werm
  6. Four members of a small Elvin group from my second book that in the works
  7. Bluestar One of my Draiers from my Book Rivertail
  8. Raven: She's a working concept for my second book
  9. Forever Yours  
A Black and White of two of my Elves for my Second book
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