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My Concept art

Name's Amit Tishler. an Animator/ Film-maker/ Concept Artist with some issues. I hate Sushi.

There, I said it! bite me! I can't eat those chunks of fishy-poos! k!?

and...I also hate pie. really, I hate it. i'd rather eat my granny's panties. at least they don't have a crispy crust. they're juicier also...

aside from that. I'm a Bezalel- academy of art and design Graduate. I work as an animator for a local studio and as a freelance concept artist and character designer.

feel free to check out my Conceot Art Gallery:

http://kodinkenji.deviantart.c om

and Check out my T-shirt and Printed art gallery

http://www.redbubble.com/peopl e/kodinkenji

Born to be Dead T-shirts and Just a magic trick T-shirts- now for sale. plus- a lot more! feast youselves!

and vote for me as your new world leader.

It'll be neat, I promise.

Peace and Ham Sandwitch

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