Kornelia's Album: Visual: presents , practice and fun
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Visual: presents , practice and fun

some old and some recent pictures
  1. "Aurelie"    I spent my whole winter vacation on that picture, while I was keeping my cousine company, when she was in hospital  and I love how it...
  2. a present for Motherīs Day 2009 because my mom loves viola =)
  3. Te , gouache , a lot of fun =) and about 3 hours
  4. I tried really hard to creat an calm even ambiance and Iīm kind of contet with it,... except for the clouds....I really need to get that right =/ 
  5. "thinking of...? " 
I just wanted to try another style and I think it worked =)
  6. random landscape, no reference , acryl on paper, about 4 hours
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